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3 Tips to Keep Your Car’s AC Blowing Fresh Air

Wondering how to maintain your car’s air conditioning system so that I can keep on blowing cool in the coming hot summer months. Even though your car is a decade old, but still your Car’s Air conditioning system can work just like know only if you maintain it well. Here’re a few ways you can get along with to maintain the AC of your car. So let’s dive in;

Check Cooling Fans

To do so, you first need to turn the AC on full blast. Then, go under the hood of the car and check the cooling fans on the radiator. In some cars, there’re two fans, and in some, it’s one only. No matter how many fans, they should all be working properly. For sure, you need a lot of airflow so that the air conditioning condenser gets cool to get cold air inside the car.

It can work if one of the fan’s working but it won’t work out well when it’s hot and restrain the compressor and make it burn itself out faster. If it’s a two fans system, you need to make sure that both the fans are working properly. If it’s one-fan system and it doesn’t work, then you have problems.

Check for Debris

Make sure that you check for debris if you want the AC of your car to blow up nice and fresh air. But since it’s consistently raining in some areas, they either don’t get enough time to clean it, or the debris accumulates pretty quickly. Cleaning it right away is the only solution. So just make sure that you get all leaves and debris out of the intake. For sure, you don’t want it sucked into the car where it can jam up the AC evaporator and cause inefficiency.

Moreover, also look inside the front of the AC condensers. Bugs can easily get on their especially if you happen to drive in buggy areas. Within a week or two, bugs clog it up and then they won’t work well.  So make sure that you hose it up with water and clean it up.

Air Filter

Now it’s time to check for the debris is the air filter. Some cars don’t have the air filter, but many do. First of all, you go into the glove box, take the bottom splash PAN off, and you’ll find the filter inside. If you haven’t had to check it for quite a while, yours will be dirty.

Usually, these filters are hidden away. Perhaps that’s the reason why people don’t think about these. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not important.

Therefore, it’s a great idea to check your air filter at the beginning of the summer the check them every few months. It’s important to check it after every few months because leaves and debris can get on here and it will make your AC not work is good. And if the problems seem complex, take your car to the reliable Ford Service Dubai.


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