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Five Excellent DIY Ideas to get your own Green Wall

Vertical gardening could be loosely defined as a technique through which varied kinds of vegetables, fruits, herbs, root crops, and flowers are grown in containers of varying sizes that are then hung up against a wall. This entire notion has managed to acquire widespread recognition all across the globe probably because of the exceptional benefits that it can provide. Starting from maximising limited spaces to enhancing visual appeal, obtaining a higher yield, increasing accessibility, and alleviating the effects of urbanisation, the list simply does not seem to end.

Are you planning to get a vertical garden, also known as green or living wall lately? If yes, there are certain DIY ideas that you could make use of.  To know more, please do buy some time and go through the below-mentioned pointers.

  • Clear out a particular portion of fencing that tends to get lot of sunlight and fresh air. Now collect some old containers, fill them with soil, and drill a few holes for drainage as well. Arrange the pots and clamp them onto the fence with screws. Make sure to strengthen the entire structure so that it can easily endure all kinds of weather conditions.
  • Gutter sections that are not in use anymore can also be used when it comes to growing a green wall. The segments that you have chosen should have adequate amount of space in between them so that the plants do not overcrowd each other and get plenty of sunlight and air. Water logging is a major problem of this design so it is extremely necessary to pay attention towards irrigation system.
  • If you wish to grow vining vegetables, feel free to rely upon a conventional trellis. Here climbers and creepers take support of the fence or wall in which they are planted to grow further. Veteran gardeners have appreciated the extreme strength of the said system that could bear small tomatoes to heavy pumpkins.
  • Vertical gardening could be phenomenally revolutionized both in terms of output and expenditure, if one try building a tower and grow plants in it. Top-notch providers of green or living walls often fabricate aquaponic towers, which pumps a nutritious mineral solution up the concerned structure so that it reaches and is easily absorbed by the roots of plants.
  • How about growing some essential herbs making use of a pallet tray? Well, the structure is quite easy to construct. You need to first attach a piece of plywood to the pallet using a heavy duty stapler. Now move on to wrap all the remaining sides with a landscaping cloth. Take plenty of soil and lay them flat on the tray you have built, put in seeds and spray substantial amounts of water. Hang the tray on a wall in the yard or patio enabling the plants to prosper.

 Now make use of the amazing designs stated above to create an exceptionally beautiful green wall or vertical garden.

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Written by Simon Hopes

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