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Choose from the given tent types for your next camping adventure

So summers are here and with the shining suns sparks the interest of people who want to go camping. Camping has a history to itself and with time it has evolved into a kind of recreation activity that it is today. Back in the time when camping started, it was more of a salvage kind of thing and people opt for it when they want to disconnect from the world and seek shelters up to the hills or somewhere isolated in the woods where they won’t be disturbed. However, with the advancements in the tensile shades in Dubai and with the launch of communication ease, people started opting for camping as a recreational trip and it transformed into a shape of picnic in today’s world.

People in Dubai and all around the globe opt for camping when they get tired of their daily routine and want to have a break, but in a more recreational way along with friends and family or just couples together. But there is something that is really a basic when it comes to camping and that is a camping tent. Without a camping tent, the entire idea of going to camping is just not complete. The difficulty comes when there are multiple types of tents available in the market and the customer gets confused on which one to choose. So for the ease of our customers, one of the companies that manufactures tensile shades in Dubai has come up with the following list of popular kinds of tents available for camping goers, individual and families both. Have a look:

Basic kind – the ridge tent

The ridge tent is the most basic kind of tents that are widely used among camping goers around the globe. A ridge tent is basically made up of cross poles sewn together with fabric. The ridge tent is easily installable and has limited resilience against strong winds and weather. Such tent is best for pleasant weathers when the person doesn’t require to spend most of the time within it. Rather keep safe his items inside the tent. They also come with a zip with which you can avoid the exposure of your stuff with animals or flies when you are away sightseeing.

Dome Tents

Dome tents, as the name suggests are in the shape of a dome. The shape comes due to the poles that are used in its building. When the poles intersect each other and joined to the ground and fabric is installed on it, not only it makes the tent complete but also makes it in a shape of a dome. Hence the name dome tent. Dome tent is the most commonly purchased tent when small family groups wish to go for camping. Dome tents are not very strong hence caution should be taken when planning to go camping in snowy, rainy or windy seasons. Also, the most activity you can do inside a dome tent is sleep. It limits human movement due to the scarcity of height in it, so you can’t really stand up and move around in it, let alone sitting would be daunting too.

Tunnel tents

An easier description of these kinds of tents would be the Dome tent-extension. Dome tents don’t make much sense when a large usable space is required. But since they are one of the cheapest variety of tents available, a probable solution is to club multiple dome tents together making a tunnel-like structure that is interlinked. Each of the tent in a tunnel tent is usable on its own too. This makes the tunnel tent a lucrative choice for customers who like to go camping alone and with family and friends. So no matter what the number of people is on a trip, the tent is capable of expansion.

The four types of camping tents that are mentioned are the most prominent ones that are purchased and used by customers all across the globe, however, there also exist more varieties of tents that are customized according to the need and want of the buyer. Contacting a tensile shed manufacturer in Dubai will be a viable thing to do if you are looking for an affordable and durable tent for your next camping trip.

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