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Save Money with these 5 DIY Cleaners

Admit this!  You love saving money. And you know what, so do I. Therefore, we’ve come up with some amazing ideas that will help you replace expensive store bought products with your own D. I. Y. Cleaners. For sure, it’ll cost you pennies on the dollar, and it’s quite easy to make as well. So let’s dive in;

DIY Room Freshener

Whether you have smelly pets or microwave just smoked up, it’s time for you to grab a room refreshing spray. Just be nice to your room and make it smell better with your DIY Recipe. Add 1-Cup of water and one Cup of cheap plain vodka and then 20 drops of your favorite essential oil. Pour it in a clean spray bottle, give it a good shake and then just use your nose & spray accordingly.

Eradicate the Scum

You know about the soap scum right! It’s that sticky grayish brownish build up that you get on your shower walls as well as in your tub. Soap scum comes from dead skin cells, body oils, hard water deposits and obviously any soap remains that are left behind. And then, it all mixes up together forming scum. If you are willing to go for the store-bought stuff, great. But since we are more focused on the DIY, here’s the simple recipe.

Add ½ Cup of baking soda to ½ Cup of dish soap to a little bowl. Then you’ll be adding 5-10 drops of citrus-based essential oil. When you have the solution ready, just apply it to the surface carrying soap scum. It’s truly effective. Once you are done scrubbing and cleaning, don’t forget to give it a good rinse.

Glass Cleaner 

When you are up for glass cleaning, you need the best item to get along with. Now it’s all your choice whether you buy it from the store or go for the DIY solution. You have tons of options for the store-bought products but the homemade one, here’s how you do it.  Add 1-cup water and 1-cup vinegar, mix it well in the spray bottle, and you have the solution ready. Make sure to use the ‘S’ pattern while cleaning it.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Save money making your toilet bowl cleaner that’s a bit more health and environmentally conscious. Grab a little squeeze bottle and fill it with the following recipe. Add water, ½ Cup of baking soda, ½ Cup of dish soap and ¼ Cup of hydrogen peroxide. Give it a good shake over there. If you want, try adding some essential oils. Apply it to the toilet the same way you would using any other commercial toilet bowl cleaner. Make sure to give a good scrub and flush it all.

Mold and Mildew

When moisture and dark, damp areas meet, they end up forming mold and mildew. And Congratulation!  You have one too. So how you get rid of it?

Add a ½ Cup borax and ¼ Cup vinegar. When the solution is ready, just give the surfaces with mold or mildew a good scrub. Rinse it thoroughly and polish it up with an excellent old microfiber cloth. The best cleaning company Dubai suggests this tip.


Do you want to learn more about how to make your own DIY cleaners? Just check out the article now

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