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Is KARACHI really the best city to live in?


Is Karachi really the heart of Pakistan?

Not just a city but a living, super bright and a very dynamic soul of Pakistan, this is what Karachi is known as. Over twenty one million people reside in the city which increases the diversification at its peak. These millions of lives make the city unique and stand out even more. Different lives own different believes, traditions, practices, perceptiveness and not just that these different brains add onto the innovations add on the quality of the Karachi.

Besides the country having few major issues there are so many more reasons to fall in love with. What is perfect anyway?

On board are the reasons why Karachi is The Best City to live in:

First Thing’s First


Karachi is formerly the daddy of every country in making the best food. You just name it and Karachi has it all. From the most inexpensive items to crazy fancy food Karachi never fails its people in terms of feeding them. From taste to ambiance to service and what not the food is just extraordinary. All the spices make the food super delicious and of course fills in tummy and pleases your heart at a whole new level.

The city which has food innovations is known as the best of all. Irrespective of budget, crisis and what not food here can make miracles. From dinning on the sea to sitting in open air cafes to classy fancy rooms to sitting on charpais to floor and what not you will just get the best. Even the Pakistani airlines have better food than everyone else.

And when we declare food that includes every single eatable, so if you are meat lover or a vegan or whatever, all that jazz you eat it goes to heart. We call it pure love.

Food privileges

food options

Besides variety and divergence of even food Karachi gives twenty four hour food services and home deliveries. Kyu bhui Amreekiyon kesa diya?

The sweeteners are also unique and go to a whole new level, Pans which are made out of leaves is one heck of a famous sweet delight, and it now comes with 24k gold and fire. Crazy? Yeah right your brain might not think that far for the love of food but Karachites, oh karachites they know their game.

Another fun fact Karachi has food everywhere. You will never get out of options. You have nearest food stalls almost 5 miles away. So yes life is great here.

What is Distance?

Even though Karachi is three thousand seven eighty kilometers big everything is still super close. You will find all your necessities either on your door step or right next to it. This increases convenience level and people don’t have to face much hassle when buying basic essentials. Especially when you forget buying eggs you can always get them because the shops are right there.

Karachi has tons of different transportation mediums besides Uber and Careem, other public transports are also found almost everywhere hence they make life so much easier. If you have ever lived in a foreign country you would know the struggle. These mediums take you anywhere anytime no matter how much your wallet can afford.

A something for everyone with everything

Karachi has it all, it has all the grand and extraordinary beautiful places from seas to lands to buildings and what not. There are tons of beaches, cinemas, tons of malls, theme, water parks, lots of skyscrapers, roads and so much more. If you like to live in history you can discover the old city too. Unravel the gems in places like Saddar and more. There are racing tracks if you wish to speed openly and get the most of all. There are museums and tombs to relive the antiquity and culture.

You love shopping? There are tons of clothing centers, malls, plazas and not just that whole entire tech world, a world with everything one might want, Karachi owns it. You can either go online shopping in Karachi or discover it live.

Want a new pet? There is an entire plaza for it. Live on books? There’s almost a mini town which is filled with book stores. Want to own home appliances or personal items? Then you are in the right place.

Karachi Has It All!

The people here aren’t just Normal

Even with all the leverage and great things, great weather here, there are still some factors and daily issues people go through. One can’t ignore them but indeed it has made our people so much stronger. It has made people flexible it has taught them to fight more, become stronger and get better every second. It has made people work hard and be thankful. It has taught them patience, acceptance and so much more.

The city has been and still is, experiencing mad problems but as humans as nation it has grew so much tougher. It has grew better and bigger. It has changed and it has created mind blowing innovations, indeed they have learned determination and they know how to make life a happy place. Even with all the commotion people have dug out their ways to give a meaning to life.

So this is Karachi and its life.

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Written by sharmeen ayaz


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