5 Best Batting Tips That Improve Your Game

Nothing comes easy, it takes practice, but if you fancy going far in anything you put your mind to, you will need to identify several tips. For instance, being great at the game of baseball you need to know how to bat also need to know how to choose perfect baseball bats. There are several tips that can help you achieve this fete easily

Always tip your bat

Almost every player that has had his name mentioned as the one of the greatest had to tip his bat. After tipping, the barrel turns backward while charging at the baseball.  This turn has many advantages but the most significant of all is that it forces the barrel to move faster, thereby giving a massive hit. Unlike the myth that is constantly doing rounds, swinging your hips is does not guarantee you that you will make monstrous hits; instead, check that you match up the bat’s trajectory. Always let your barrel move fast and not your body. The bat speed allows you to make those homeruns with precision. Lastly, by tipping a bat, you get to use that momentum as an advantage.

Your hands should always remain at your shoulder

Don’t get carried away by the imagination that if you push your hands away from your back and into the baseball is the way to go. Always desist from pushing your hands forward.  The main issue with trying this technique is that the bat won’t get behind the baseball until it’s a little late and your chances or err is so high. By letting your hands remain at shoulder length then the kinetic energy will be a great asset to your game. Also, by letting your hands remain at shoulder length, you get to control your bat easily. For instance, if you hold an item far away from your body, then you will lose control of it because it gets heavier with time. After you hit the ball, you can allow your hands to head towards the pitcher.

Weight shift

If you are a big guy, then you can use weight shift as your advantage. You can use your weight to create a momentum, which in turn you can push forward thereby adding energy to your swing. It is noteworthy that weight shift and hitting with your foot in front are two totally different things and they give different results.

Stretch and Fire

Always stretch then fire. If you use this concept, you are sure to make massive hits. It is prudent to understand that your lower body doesn’t need to be fast; hence it is always dependent on the upper body remaining still thus staying back. It is also noteworthy you need your barrel to turn if you are to use this trick to your advantage. An ideal player will tell you that you needn’t shorten your swing; you need to start the swing earlier.

Pull the elbow back

Any baseball enthusiast will tell you all the greats have mastered the art of pulling the elbow backward. As mentioned always desist from sending your hands backward, and embrace the idea of pulling your elbow backward. This will help you create the “stretch and fire” effect. To create a monstrous hit, the elbow needs to load backward. To check whether it is a widely used technique by great players, check if their shirts get tight as they swing.


To be the best at what you do, you need to practice frequently. Most players who have made a name for themselves had to use several techniques to achieve this fete. They include pulling the elbow back, stretching and firing, shifting their weight and tipping their bats. Try these techniques and tell us your results.

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Written by Kaif Hasan

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