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7 Ways to Get Fresh and Latest Sports News

Sports have steadily gained popularity in India and these now include other types of sports apart from cricket. For example, tennis, badminton, hockey, football, kabaddi, table tennis, golf, athletics, chess, shooting and archery, weightlifting, boxing, wrestling. The list has continued to expand, with a special focus on sportswomen who have been performing exceptionally well.

So, obtaining the latest sports news has become more important as it provides the current updates. This includes statistics, the performance of individual players and the performance of the overall team or contingent. With India performing well in a variety of sports, these updates are now available from different sources. The different types of sources are explained below.

(1) The News on Television

The news on television is still one of the best ways of getting fresh updates at regular intervals. The sports news is broadcast on general news channels and also sports channels. These provide the latest news about various sports including football, basketball, tennis, badminton, cricket, hockey and others as well.

As the popularity with regard to various types of sports has continued to increase, all updates are now made available. This includes information about the tournaments, the teams/countries involved and the players’ past record and present performance throughout the tournaments. The updates are also provided on a moment-by-moment basis with recaps so that no one misses out on the action.

(2) The Newspaper

The newspaper has a section dedicated entirely to sports, which includes current tournaments and sports being played and upcoming ones. The performance of individual players, as analyzed by sports experts, is described in details. If players have performed exceptionally well or are continuing to do so, then this is highlighted too. On the other hand, if players or teams have performed below expectations, the reasons for this are discussed in details. Other types of information include court cases, the introduction of new laws and codes, and players’ instances of misconduct and wrongdoing.

(3) The E-Newspaper

This is very useful and convenient as it can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. So, if there is no time in the morning to read the ‘physical’ newspaper, the e-newspaper can be read instead. This ensures that nobody has to miss out on the latest sports news or fresh updates. The option of going through the headlines only is there if there is less time on hand. Otherwise, anyone can take their time and read the sports section of a normal newspaper.The specialty of this newspaper is the fact that it is accessible online.

(4) The Mobile Updates

These are in the form of notifications, which come up on the mobile screen with a ringtone/alert. They are almost like announcements to let you know that something new has

happened. They contain different types of information regarding various stages of the sport being played.

For example, if a cricket match is going on, the initial information includes teams playing and type of cricket match. Next, the location and the side that won the toss and whether they chose to bat or bowl. After this, the score of the batting side, wickets were taken by the bowling side, the number of fours and sixes. These are provided inning-wise along with the score of the team batting first and their projected score at current run-rate. Then the corresponding information of the chasing team is systematically provided. Finally, the team that won the match and the best player of the match (batsman/batswoman or bowler) is provided.

(5) The Internet Search

This reveals a vast amount of information about all sports being currently played or a specific one. It provides in-depth details about players, including their background, past performance, injuries or problems they have faced to date. But most importantly, it provides all the current news including how the participants are performing and step-by-step progress/developments.

(6) The Sports News Apps

A number of sports news apps are obtainable that provide the latest sports news and updates. Additionally, statistics, clear high-resolution pictures, and even live videos are sometimes available. Examples include the ESPN app, the Yahoo SportsApp, the LiveScoreApp, and sport-specific-apps like the Forza FootballApp. Most of them are designed for both the Android and the iOS smartphone users.

(7) The Discussion with Family Members, Friends, and Acquaintances

This is the most enjoyable way of getting to know the latest happenings or developments. All discussions eventually lead to a debate about which side or player is likely to perform better. This then reveals new information through thorough analysis as well. Discussion-topic examples include the Indian contingent at the Common Wealth Games or the Indian Team at a tri-country cricket tournament.

Thus, the above sources provide an all-around idea of the happenings of particular sporting events. Along with the latest sports news they provide previous or background information, which completes the picture. They also provide international, national, regional and local sports news. This keeps everybody entertained and up-to-date.

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