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Dressing Styles for Fat and Short Girls to Look Slim and Tall

Imagine that everybody on the ground is a possessor of slim, trim curvy figure.  Sounds Miraculous?  We wonder if it can be possible, but we know it can be not.  However, a girl, with plus size figure, can easily deceive the eyes by her attractive look if she knows how to carry herself well.

Here are some stylish pointers on the best way to add weight smartly.

How to Dress Smartly:

It is not a huge deal to gather the dresses that fit your look.  Observe your body and identify the components that have more fat.

For instance, if you’ve shaped shoulders, then the off-shoulder dress is a good option.  In case you’ve shaped shoulders but heavy arms then broad-necked top with a long sleeve will be a perfect move.  Now apparel designers are going the extra mile to bring special dresses for plus-size girls.

Dark colour Preference:

Dark colour dresses give us a lean look in contrast to light shade dresses.  Stay away from too bright or gaudy colours.  The result wills turn.

Some colours that could confer a slim and hot look are: black, dark blue, navy blue, peacock blue, indigo, red, dark red, maroon, saddle brown, dark green, dark olive green, forest green, dark slate grey, Auburn, and burgundy.

Wear Vertical stripes:

Let us understand it using a simple experiment.  Have a paper and draw a square on it.  Now draw multiple vertical lines in the square.  You will notice that the square is looking like a rectangle today.  The same principle applies to our dresses.  Vertical stripes run parallel with our span and give a perception of a taller and, consequently, slimmer look.

Buttoned top:

Buttoned top gives nоt оnlу а smаrt арреаrаnсе but аlsо аn оutlооk оf а slіm fіgurе bу аlmоst dіvіdіng thе оnе bіg fаt lооk іntо twо thаt арреаrs as one slim appearance.  Think about the above experiment; you could try by drawing only 1 line through span and see.

Avoid Horizontal stripes:

Horizontal lines intersect with the span and accentuate the wider appearance.  Obviously, that look is not our motive.

However, you can select a mix and match of horizontal and vertical stripes (for instance, a dress with a horizontal stripe on the upper half and vertical stripes on tummy place; a dress, with checks drawn on it, is not a bad choice either).  Trust me there are several ways out to hide fat away and look slim.

Prefer tiny-Prints on a dress to bold printed dress:

Bold, large, or wide prints render wide looks.  Favour wearing small prints.

Special Tip: You can play with lots of colour in a dress and can get a curvaceous look (remember, they shouldn’t be in horizontal design).

Wear Wavy dresses:

Dresses with flow give аn еvеn-struсturеd арреаrаnсе аnd hеlр tо hіdе thе flаb, еsресіаllу bеllу fаt.  Аvоіd drеssеs mаdе of stiff cotton.


The lower will you divide the span, the thinner look will you have?  Long Gowns, tunics, full-length frock are wonderful Indian Saree, although not a one-piece, leaves a stunning appearance to almost every kind of figure.

Right Accessories:

Decorate yourself with cool accessories that are cool.  Do your apparel mix and match with unique accessories.  Accentuate with the stylish hairdo and use cosmetics correctly to improve the glamorous appearance.

Stop being Self-conscious:

You may not have a wеll-dеfіnеd соntоur, but уоu саn mаkе the body look as well-shaped.  The two smart things, you need, are assurance and confident dressing sense.  Bear in mind; only you have to bear the brunt of self-consciousness.


Everybody knows that exercise is quite important to shed weight, but it is also important for being stress-free, disease free, and for having an active body.  Do you know that we can do exercise with our daily life activities.

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