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Ways To Find Trending Topics Online

With the advancement of smartphones and internet, the social media has become an important part of life for many people. The social media is not only used for time pass but many people are getting knowledge on many issues with the help of it. It has become important to know the topics that are trending online to stay updated. The topics which have been discussed by many people are considered as online digitally trending on twitter and Facebook. But how to know what are the trending topics on these social media platforms? There are some ways which help you in knowing the trending topics online.

What is the Importance of These Social Media Trending Topics?

 In old age, people used to know what is happening in all over the world through newspapers and then TVs came and now the news can be known on social media too. Many big companies keep a track on the trending topics so that they know what is happening and how to utilize the situations. In short, these social media trends will equip you with the knowledge of all the happenings around the world. Here are some of the tips to know how to track the trending topics.



 Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms and is also a microblogging site too. Many people express their views on Twitter regarding any issue. To know what news is actually in trending on twitter you can just open the website of Twitter and see the moment’s page. That page doesn’t even need you to login to your account. You can just open the site and check it. Twitter places all the curated information about the trending topic here with the most informative and sensible tweets about it. As it is specially compiled, the topics that trend worldwide are considered. You can even follow trends map world twitter account to know what the latest trends are. These trends map accounts are different for each country separately and also for metropolitan cities in each country.


 Facebook is one of the popular social media sites where almost all the people have accounts. In the Facebook desktop version, you can see the trending news at the end of the right side. The trending topics which have been discussed by users are stated here. This trending news is curated by groups such as politics, entertainment and people can pick the group that they want to know more about the topic. There are some other tools such as Red Feed, Blue Feed which curates the trending topics and provide you with the news of them.

 Google Trends

 Google Trends itself is an amazing tool that states what the trending topics are. Just search the term using a keyword and it provides you with all the required statistics. The homepage of Google trends is filled with the latest trending stories.


 The front page of Reddit is the home for all the trending topics around the world.

 Buzz Sumo

 Buzz Sumo is a tool which can be used to find all the trending topics around the world. The trending topics are categorized into various groups and it is really easy to search a topic on Buzz Sumo.

 Epic beat

 The epic beat is one of the amazing tools that help you with the trending topics around the world. The engaging content from all over the world is curated in this website and the information is given precisely. The free version comes with limited searches whereas the $9 version has unlimited searches.


 This is another tool used by Twitter where you can set up the projects with the keywords that you use regularly. The keywords show the topics that have been in trend for each hour.


 This is another tool which tracks what topics are trending on Twitter. This tool is based on hashtags; just enter the keyword and all the hashtags related to it are displayed on the screen.

 What’s Trending

 This is a website where you can find almost all the news related to entertainment and viral issues. If you are into entertainment news then this is the right pick for you.


 YouTube has a separate section for trending videos in your country. If you want to know what is trending in other countries just change the location on your device.

 Social Mention

 Social Mention is a website where the trending topics from across the world on various social media platforms are curated into one and presented. There is no need for an account to check that website. Just open it and you will see various trending topics. You can also sort the topics.

 These are some of the ways to track the news that is online digitally trending on twitter and facebook.

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