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5 Effective Ways To Get Customer Feedback To Improve Customer Service!

Customers being the lifeline of the brand can certainly guide you in the right direction with their valuable feedback. Customer service is an integral part of business whether you’re selling some product or offering some service. You can have the best product or service in the world but it won’t be of any benefit if you don’t cater to your customer’s problems well. On the flip side, an average product can do great if you have great customer service. Stats have shown that 80% of consumers are willing to pay more to businesses to have better customer services. That is how much customer service is important to you.

But how can we make our customer service even more efficient and effective than it already is? Well, the most suitable way to make your customer service efficient is by taking customer feedback. Customer feedback is food to your business which allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses. Well, without any further due we will tell you five creative ways to get customer feedback which can contribute to the betterment of the customer service.

  • Conduct creative surveys:

Surveys play an important role in knowing the customer satisfaction with your product and service. These carefully crafted surveys tell you why and which product or service of yours is doing good or bad. The graph below clearly describes why businesses usually lose customers and a big factor to it is inefficient customer service. An unsatisfied customer which doesn’t feel valued will never return asking for your product or service.

In order to conduct a survey, you need to have a very clear goal. Like if you’re trying to improve your customer service you’ll inquire about your services from a pool of people who previously purchased your product or service. It will make them feel valued and will provide you with better feedback that how can you make your product or service even expectations. You can use online resources like SurveyMonkey to create surveys.

  • Add a Comment/Message section on your website:

Adding a comment or message section on your webpage allows the visitors to get engaged with you. They can drop their suggestions, concerns or queries directly to you.

There are several different ways you can create this form, but in the above-mentioned example, the form includes an email address. It is not only beneficial for getting customer feedback but also grow you a qualified email list for email marketing. If the customer is providing you with their personal information then it is in your best interest. This act depicts the seriousness of the customer toward your business. So try to create the forms which benefit you in different ways.

  • Consider Third-party reviews:

Third-party reviews from platforms like Google Local, Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc. can help you analyze customer’s expectations from your product and service. Though you can’t control these platforms you certainly can use them to your benefit. At least check these platforms twice a week to see how customers are responding to your product or service. If your business is getting tons of reviews then consider checking these platforms even more frequently.

Firstly double check if the information listed on these platforms is accurate. Do not be discouraged by the negative comments, rather take them as a guideline to make your business even better. Stats have shown that 1 out of 26 customers will share their bad experience whereas the other 25 will simply stop buying from you.

Pay attention to every comment whether it’s good or bad, both provide something to ponder about.

  • Roll out follow up emails to your customers:

Rolling out follow up emails to your customers can be a great way to know whether they are satisfied with your service or not. What modifications are they looking forward to and how can you be of better help to them. Following is an example of Venmo which is directly related to customer service.

The above email is specially drafted to take customers’ feedback. You can also share an online survey link through email. For example, if you’re conducting a survey for Cox communications. You want to know if people are okay with the pricing. If Cox cable customer care actually care about the customers? How does Cox live chat help customers? You can generate an online survey through SurveyMonkey to create a precise and effective survey.

Social media is a great platform to get engaged with your customers. They feel more open about their experiences on these platforms. Being active on social media can give you the opportunity to serve your customers better. You can utilize Twitter’s advanced search query to find out what are actually people talking about your brand. It also allows you to keep a keen eye on your competitor strategies to device a better one. You can see what tactics are they utilizing to attract the customers.

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