7 Common Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make!

I remember when I started affiliate marketing the sole purpose was to earn money. I ran in almost every possible direction without even considering the possibility of mistakes that could affect me in the longer term.

With the passage of time and as my experience grew with affiliate marketing’s practices and teaching another affiliate marketer I came across 7 mistakes that almost every new eager affiliate marketers make.

Following are the 7 mistakes that almost every affiliate marketer make:

1. Selling rather than serving:

Whenever we see the word marketing the first thing that comes to our mind is sales. Though affiliate marketing contains this word the purpose of affiliate marketing is not to sell but to facilitate the company it is associated with. The sales page and affiliate links are supposed to do the job of selling.

When I first started, my irresistible impulse used to fill all the pages with words like “Buy this to experience the best” etc. Rather than intriguing the customer to understand the product and make him want it, I tried to sell it instantly. Definitely, we all would require some sort of security, good word of mouth, etc. before making any purchase.

2. Choose affiliate marketing programs wisely:

We all have heard this famous proverb “Jack of everything and master of none.” You single-handedly cannot handle and understand everything. The other mistake new affiliate marketers make is that they join each and every affiliate program they come across. Though I believed the fact that one can multi-task and can manage multiple streams at one time. But trust me it gets unmanageable with time. So choose your programs wisely and with proper research of potential future so that you know all and all about it and can manage it well.

3. Not testing before doing anything serious:

Do you know what hurts the most? The unnecessary bombarding of promotional messages into your inbox. Before doing something, think of the potential customer’s point of view and analyze the scenario as if you’re in the situation. So test before implementing some strategy.

Mistakes can damage the reputation and the internet contain the alternative for every single thing. So be very careful with everything you do there.

4. Not Tracking the traffic from several sources:

Not tracking the traffic from different sources is the biggest mistake I made when I started. I was accustomed to using the free to make web pages on this site called Squidoo, and I still use it.

I used to promote Amazon products on those pages and didn’t use them to keep track of the traffic generated from those affiliated links. You must be wondering how it actually hurts the process.

Well, when a sale is made we all would want to know which source generated you the lead that led to conversion. This enables you to identify the pages and keywords that are doing well and getting you most of the conversions.

Keeping a thorough record will require high-speed internet to constantly track the conversions etc. I would suggest you avail Cox Communications to enjoy the great speeds at most reasonable prices. You can gather Cox communications billing information by calling on this number: 1-855-771-3154

5. Not comparing the product with other similar products:

One of the best techniques you can use to sell affiliate products is by comparing it with other similar products. The comparison of one product with two to three other similar products will facilitate the customer to choose the best for himself and also it will benefit you. How? By providing a comparison to the customer, I am also using two other affiliate links along with the main product link, which certainly can lead to better conversions.

It also enlightened me with the fact that which product gained more attention from readers. And which can be moved to the top of the page to attain better CTR?

6. Push marketing through catchy phrases:

We all have come across the push marketing techniques. Like a popup window saying “Learn how I learned million dollars in a single night” I know it happens all the time and is extremely annoying. If you’re new and using such lame push marketing strategies to promote your products through the “online make money arena” then I would suggest you stop it right now.

The user will never buy your product if you just can’t deliver the promise you’re making in your ad. Don’t claim false things which you can’t fulfill. Because doing so will make you lose the customer for life.

7. “Oh Gosh! I guess this can earn me better”:

We all have heard the proverb “All that glitters is not gold” While working we may come across better ideas which you think can get you better earning and off you go chasing it. This is the worst of all. When you start doing something give it all your heart, dedication and effort then it will be-be fruitful for you. If you think that chasing almost everything that can get you better money will actually get you money then “you’re absolutely wrong”

If you’ve started a project then give your all to it rather than chasing butterflies because it will only distract you from the task/project at hand.

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