An Effective Guide To Illustrating Stories For kids

When you plan to illustrate a story for kids, you have to be very attentive towards selecting your artwork. You have to focus on the group of target audience you are choosing and the impact your illustrations can create on them. You have to understand their level of understanding and create things that their little mind can comprehend. Your work should be embellished with creativity and sprinkled with astonishing flair. You have to work hard to bring out the appeal in your work and double the effectiveness of the message you are trying to convey.

If you have ever read, a single children’s book you will know that the illustration incorporated in it has many different colors and shapes. The main reason behind it is that the illustrator plans to keep the kids involved fully in the context. Now, this shows the need to come up with a promising strategy to create the illustration. Once you know how to create the illustration and what are the purposes of each aspect then you can put your best efforts. So, first, create a strategy and then begin following the below-mentioned points.

Create A Script 

None of the artwork or storyline has ever created without a proper script. You have to get a proper storyline to base your graphics on it. Once you know how many characters, do you have and what aspects are to be created first, it will be easier for you to sort things out and create amazing illustrations.

You have to keep in mind that your script has a proper flow in it. If the script lacks the essence, it will difficult for you to work properly. You have to look for the proper transition of one scene into another and make sure there is no unclear aspect left in the story otherwise your efforts will go down the drain.

Seek Inspiration 

You need to enrich your knowledge by seeking inspiration from the work of professionals around you. To create kids book illustrations you need to understand and gather the trendy techniques that can give your book additional fame and recognition. You have to look for aspects that can double the effectiveness and bring your target readers closer. Maybe it’s the use of the right color or illustration type. For instance, the art form- Doodle is a bit complex but has elements that keep the viewers indulged completely.


Never simply jump on illustrating your book in one go. You have to first create storyboards having proper angles and patterns. You have to divide the story frame by frame or scene by scene depending upon your requirements. You have to make sure that your book is appropriate and engaging and that is only possible when everything is created based on the right standards.

Select The Right Colors 

The best way to choose the colors of a children book is choosing the natural colors but intensifying them to increase the appeal. You have to use techniques to incorporate the right shades and colors but do make sure that the intensity is not dull or blur. You have to keep the book fresh, vibrant, and captivating. It’s best to use color transitions as well. You need to be experimental but never color a zebra with red and blue stripes; it will contradict its identity. You can keep the black strips darkest or vice versa but using some other color will ruin the look of your book and kids will feel troubled comprehending it. Most importantly, keep the fonts in the same shade throughout the book. You have to create some sort of uniformity in your book. If you have selected a greenish theme then its every page must have some sort of definitive similarity.

Add Finishing 

You have to strive hard to add finishing. The best way is to use highly advanced and cutting edge software that will not only help you create the finest artwork but will save your time as well. You will get many templates, brushes and special effects to add just about the right touch of graphics that is needed. You need to add the touch of brilliance by sprinkling your artwork with colors, patterns and shades.

Wrap Up 

Illustration can be interesting and mundane at the same time. You need to unleash your hidden talent and creativity in order to spread the appeal from the world. You cannot travel far with a dull heart lacking emotions and excitement to try new things.

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Written by Nancy Yates

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