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Boost Your App Store Ranking with These Optimization Strategies

Getting your app into the app store is the least of all the troubles. The next major job at hand is to get your app to show up by boosting your app’s ranking. In this article, we have taken the trouble to glean out some important app store optimization tips that will help to bring your app into the visible zone and get noticed.

This one is for the newbies: the app store follows the ranking criteria for keyword searches. By optimizing your app with the right keywords, you can make your app appear on top of the search results. However, you get the best results when you know what Apple or Android look out to rank your app’s visibility.

#1. Leave it to the Professionals

The next thing to know is that app store optimization is a continuous process.  While deciding to apply ASO techniques on your own is great, getting help from app store optimization services saves you both time and money. ASO services professionals continuously work to research, test, discover the latest trends, analyze user behaviors, and suggest/implement suitable remedies to keep up with your competition.

#2. It is all in the App’s Name

The most important factors that Apple and Android lookout for apps are their titles. The best way to gain visibility is by including the app store keywords in the title of the app. It is important to do your bit of research and find out the keywords that suit your app for each device type. Coin a title that will catch the users’ attention and make sure to include the app store keyword in the app description as well. Try to fit in the best in the 255characters that are allowed.

You are free to use tools such as App Tweak, Keyword Tool and AppAnnie that will help you to figure out the best app store keywords.

#3. Blaze the Description Trail

It is crucial to factor in important keywords into the app description as well within the set limits. However, have your say in the first five lines as only these are seen by the customer in the first place. This is where you have to be persuasive enough to grab your customer’s attention. Some valuable tips to put the right kind of information in the app description:

  • Talk about how many have already used your app
  • List the app’s best features

#4. Design an Eye-Catching Icon

Ensure that you create a unique icon for your app that is visually appealing. Stick to size rules set by mobile and tablet devices.  Be minimalistic, infuse clarity and let the design be simple. Take a look at the top-rated apps, and you will get an idea about what appeals to most people.

#5. Ratings and Reviews Also have a say

Ratings and reviews are factors beyond your control.  However, Apple and Android do take notice of the reviews and ratings of the app and use them as factors to rank the app.

#6. How Popular is your App

The popularity of your app is directly determined by the number of downloads that your app gets. Apps which are frequently downloaded considered more popular and therefore ranked higher.

Additional App Store Optimization Strategies That Really Work

Reach Out to ‘Other-Than-English-Speaking’ Clients

There is a world beyond the English-speaking audience. It is a pretty big one too. Asia and Europe are known to be big app guzzlers. You are missing out on a large piece of the cake if you make your app for only the English-speaking audience.

#7. Do Diligent research

The most important of the app store optimization strategies work to find out what is in the minds of the customers and the target audience. This starts with market research. Your primary subject for the research should undoubtedly be a part of the target audience that you intend to reach out to. The secondary research starts once the first is done. This part involves using the powerful tools available on the net.

Knowing what words your prospective customers would use to search for the app, what language they would use, why they would want to download your app in the first place, answers to these questions would help you to hit it right with the app rankings. Gathering a little business intelligence through your app marketing services department about what your competitors are doing in this realm will not hurt.


It is a good idea to be watchful of your own app ranking as well as those of your competitors’. You can then get your ASO team to tweak the strategies so that new apps in the store do not give you a run for your money.

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Written by Davu Siva

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