How To Build A Better Website

Are you planning to get your website designed? Are you confused about how to make it more appealing to your customers? Well, we have a few things in store for you and if you make use of them, your website design will surely be standing out among all its competitors.

You will always find numerous agencies for website designs in Dubai that will always perform up to the mark but only if you tell them what your requirements are.

The design of your website is the core element of your revenue generation. Let’s say, if a customer visits your site and does not like how it has been designed because he is unable to retrieve information out of it, there is 100% chance that he will close the window without even intending to look further.

Your website needs to be well-composed and well-crafted. It must be of great use to the customer and it should enhance your selling power. The design of your business website greatly enhances the way your startup or business looks to your customers, it conveys your brand values and provides the customer with a sense of how your business works.

There are a few tips that you can keep in mind while getting your website design Dubai. Middle east is known as the hub of startup and website design agencies, you will always find someone in the city who will be willing to design your website the way you want. All you need to do is keep these 9 tips in mind and you are good to go.

Design should be responsive

One of the biggest reasons most websites face rejection the moment any visitor comes on board is because it is not compatible with the device they are using. Most of the people now prefer using internet on their tablets, i Pads, i Phones and laptops. The previous versions of desktop websites will not be working anymore.

Make sure that your website is responsive on all platforms. It should be working on mobiles and tablets as well and the visitor should not face any kind of hinderance. Only than the bounce rate of your website will decrease.

Your website design should be simple

The next most important thing that you must keep in mind is that your design needs to be simple and unique. You must never go overboard with the element you add and the animations you choose. Go with simple transitions and make information as concise or clear as it can be.

Your homepage needs to stand out. It must convey the right amount of information to the visitor. It must answer the typical three Ws, who you are, what you do and why you do it. As soon as the visitor has these three answers, he will know what to do next.

It should be accessed easily

Always keep in mind that people from different kinds of background will be visiting your website. There could be a customer who is colorblind and decides to visit your website but closes the window as soon as he realizes that your website doesn’t appeal to his sight. Same as, there will be customers with slower internet connections. If they cannot open your website due to heavy load, your website’s bounce rate will automatically increase.

Make it accessible for all. Use simple and more radiant colors that do not distort the eyesight. Make your website as light as it can be so that people who have slower internets can still access it easily.

Call to action

Thee internet generation is fast. People nowadays do not like to wait or copy URLs from one window to another. The sooner they can click on a button the better their experience will be. Add call-to-action buttons whenever you want your user to navigate. It also helps generate sales rapidly. The more clicks your website will receive, the better ranks it will get on Google.

Showcase your products

As mentioned before, your homepage is what determines the bounce rate of your website. Showcase all your products and services in a concise format. Add top picks for the month. Try and create curiosity in the mind of your customer.

The more curiosity you will create, the more your customer will dig into your website. It is always a good choice to showcase your latest products in the featured tab.

Keep it organized

Another thing that you must keep in mind while designing your website is that your visitor will be looking for some specific information. He will not be going about reading long pages. Keep your website well-organized and always make use of stronger titles.

Segregate all your products thoroughly and make sure to add the right product in the right category. Make it as easier as it can be to use.

Manage your content

Most of the website designers do not pay attention to this one important aspect, your content. Make sure to add professionally written content and it should be user-engaging. Do not add difficult vocabulary and make it as friendly as it can be. Communicate with your customers and guide them through your services and products.

Search engine optimization

Now that we are talking about content, it was highly essential that we mentioned search engine optimization as well. Make sure you do a complete SEO of your website. Make use of keywords and add the blog section. According to a research, those websites that blog 15 times a month have a better rank in the Google index.

So, search engine optimization is another tip to keep in mind if you want your website to perform better.

Make use of animated explainers

Most of the people on the internet would rather watch a video than read a content. If you want your landing page to perform even better, use animated explainers. These explainers add creativity to your website and provide a whole new level of interactivity.

Google counts the time each visitor spends on your website in order to rank it better. What better way to do than adding an animated explainer about your business on your website. It will optimize your landing page and create even more buzz for your business.

So, these were a few tips that we wanted to share for designing a better website. Keep them in mind and we are sure your website will be performing better than before in no time.

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