How to Make Best Use of Keywords for SEO?

Whether you are planning to get organic traffic through SEO or utilise PPC for paid traffic, one key factor that drives the whole game of getting more and more prospective customers to visit your website is the keywords that you use in your content. Thorough ongoing research is needed to get the best keywords for your content as they keep changing with time. If you can trust your SEO services in India to combine the following tips with your digital marketing plan, you will be able to make better decisions related to its implementation and budgeting.

How should you go about getting the right keywords for your strategy and once you have got, how should you use them for the best results? This is what the following tips are all about:

Use the Option for Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are the words for which you do not want your website to show up in the search result. Hence, if any user searches for the negative keyword, the search engine will ensure that your website is not included even if the other keywords are included in the search phrase used. The benefit of using this option is that you can avoid users who do not fit your target audience and get only genuine visitors in the traffic to your website.

You can ask the executive from an SEO company to feed the negative keywords in Google Keyword Planner. Under “keywords and targeting”, select ‘keywords’ followed by ‘negative’ and add the negative keywords here. Select the ad campaign to associate with the negative keyword and you can be free of any searches associated with the word.

List Down Localised Keywords

If a small business aims for SEO with the purpose of targeting the local population, it must focus on words, which are used locally. This is likely to reflect the words that the users might employ for searching for the product or service offered by the business. Including your location in a keyword is a good start. You can further include near-by areas as well. Using local words used to describe your product or service can be the next choice.

Such words might be less popular in general terms, but that should not worry you as you are focused on local SEO.

Track Your Competitors’ Keywords

A small business can achieve the top rank on Google if they can figure out what keywords are being used by their competitors. They can then utilise this edge over the competition and also target the consumers that their competitors are considering. You can use Google Ads to carry out this search and add the competitor’s URL instead of your own in the search bar. Further, clicking on ‘Ad Group Ideas’ will reveal the keywords targeted by your competition. Of these, choose the ones with less competition and a search volume of at least 1000. Investment for these keywords is worth it.

Utilise the Services of Google Suggest

Google Suggest gives its users other options related to the search carried out by them. This can be utilised for getting better words to work as your keywords. These are generated because someone would have used this before for their search and Google has learnt it and recognised it. These suggested phrases get updated every 2-3 weeks and hence what you see is the most updated list.

Using an underscore (_) helps you search for a word to fit in the middle of a phrase. Enter the phrase with the underscore where you want the word to fit and Google will give you relevant suggestions.

Pay Attention to Your Customers’ Questions

You can generate keywords from questions that have been asked by your customers and create content around these. This will improve your ranking. You can get these directly from your customers or your sales team as well. People also ask questions, which can help you refine the keywords and phrases.

Use SEO Toolbars

There are several tools that can help you with SEO. Some of them allow you to compare key metrics across several web pages. You also get access to authority rankings for the page and the domain. If you have an understanding of your visitors, using these become easier and you can have a better selection of keywords for your search.

Searching for the right keywords is important, but it is more important to put them to the right use. Only if these words are used correctly, you will get genuine organic traffic for your website via SEO. The same keywords can also be used for your PPC campaign effectively.

With the tips mentioned above utilised by your SEO services in India, your SEO rankings will be better and your business will see growth, provided you combine keyword usage with other important SEO techniques.

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