Some convenient features of employee tracking software

Employee tracking has been present in our society for more than two centuries. In the year of 1888 (which is also the year of the famous London MatchgirlsStrike and Burlington railroad strike [PDF]), the company that later became known as the tech behemoth called IBM introduced the first timesheet. It was intended to monitor workers’ activity and productivity. Fast forward some 230 years later, and we are still trying to invent different ways on how to track the efficiency of the employees.

The things have largely evolved in comparison to the aforementioned era. New technologies inevitably brought different ways of running businesses. It’s only natural that we are trying to put those new technologies in use wherever we can. They make our lives much easier. These days, we are no longer using the old-fashioned timesheets, but we are still logging the workers’ activity by installing employee tracking software to their computers and other business-related gadgets, such as phones or tablets.

That’swhy we give you some cool and convenient features of employee tracking software.

Log Timesheets and Manage Tasks

We’ve already mentioned that timesheets are around for quite some time. They are the 19th and 20th-century monitoring and attendance logging’ software’. These features are, of course, still present in today’s modern era computer software systems designed for tracking the activity of employees.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can also use this monitoring software to manage tasks. That really comes in handy when, for instance, your business is spread all across the globe and you need to manage tasks for people in different places or time zones.

Track Internet and App Usage to Evaluate Productivity

In today’s day and age, most companies and its workers rely heavily on computers in running their business. That means that people spend much of their working hours online. These situations are suitable for abusing the internet during work time and consequently severely harming the company.

The numbers don’t lie: the statistics say that non-work related online surfing results in almost40% productivity loss. Even with these staggering and jaw-dropping numbers, only 15% of companies are actually doing something about it and are implementing social media policies.

This alone is the reason enough why you need to consider investing in a staff tracking software, which can save you loads of money in the future. Basically, you need to know with certainty who you can rely on. The employee monitoring software tracks the internet and app use and makes sure that no one’s slacking goes unnoticed.

And not only that – this can also come in handy when deciding about who deserves an employee of the month honors! Seriously, this piece of software can make your life so much easier, if your position requires you to evaluate the work of your employees. You don’t have to rely on the ’subjective feeling’ anymore, and you don’t have to worry if you’re being fair to the rest of the group. If anyone asks’ why did he or she get the promotion?’, you just show them the numbers in the app.

Tracking Location Of the Workers

If you need to track the location of your employees, this kind of software often times come with this option in the package as well. If they are equipped with a GPS function, you will know the whereabouts of fellow colleagues at any time. Naturally, you’re not doing this to spy on your employees, but to track their location strictly for business-related reasons.

This is especially useful if you’re in the business of delivering goods or picking up things. You also want to know if the workers are safe on the road and if something unexpected happens, you will be the first one to know. For example, if a colleague is in some sort of trouble and can’t personally call for help, you can alert the competent services.

Alerts on Critical Security and Protocol Breaches

Speaking of alerts, employee tracking software also gives you the opportunity to get alerts if some critical security or protocol has been breached. You want to be aware at all times if your company is in danger or in risk of a more serious threat.


We’ve given you the list of some of the most convenient features that you can get from employee tracking software. Just make sure not to break any potential laws when it comes to monitoring your workers. This can usually be the problem when you’re in the so-called’ stealth mode’, i.e. the employees don’t know if or when they are monitored.

Other than that, you will quickly see all the benefits of investing in this kind of software. You will be able to log timesheets, manage tasks, monitor productivity, track internet and app usage, track location, get alerts on various protocol and security breaches. But the employees will also utilize this, especially if their jobs involve any kind of risk.

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