7 Unconventional Ways to Boost Employee Productivity

Every business depends on productivity. However, it is not something you simply get with every employee, but rather you have to nurture it. Several years ago, big IT companies understood that for their employees to give their maximum, they need to feel comfortable. So they build recreational rooms and allowed more flexible working conditions.

Today, caring for employees is the foundation of having successful business and companies go to great lengths to create an ideal environment for work. Just check out these 7 unconventional ways to boost employee productivity and lead your business to the top.

Play games

Usually, playing games at work is not officially allowed, although employees always found a way to do it, even since the first computers and Pong. But, today, employers should encourage this behavior since scientists found that games help eliminate stress and develop teamwork. Allow employees to play games during breaks on their computers or in the rec room.

If video games are a bit too much for you, get them board games like Battleship or Monopoly. Even Twister could be fun at work especially to stretch and get the circulation flowing from all the sitting and standing.

Hire a masseur

Hiring a masseur may seem like too much, but actually, it can help a lot to increase productivity. The onsite masseur can go from one employee to another and help them relieve tension in the neck and shoulders. This is very important since the pain can prevent employees to do their tasks efficiently and make them agitated. Also, consider giving them an office where they can massage employees during breaks, to lose muscle stiffness as well as to de-stress.

Allow remote work

Telecommunicating is a perfect way to stay in touch with your employees and allow them to work remotely. Based on a survey, 73% of remote workers said they are more satisfied working outside the office. Remote work offers flexibility for employees and so they can easily plan their day and work, not get up too early and don’t stress about the attire and transportation, for example. However, if remote work is not completely possible at your company, allow for a few days of work at home per month.

Adopt eco-friendly practices

Environment and its preservation are a hot topic today considering the state of climate and extinction of flora and fauna all over the world. If your company adopts eco-friendly practices like recycling and solar energy, your employees will become a part of this positive behavior as well. Sharing such an important purpose will help employees bond and become loyal to your principles and brand. This will inspire them to be more dedicated to company goals by increasing productivity and quality of work.

Start using ergonomic principles

Ergonomic furniture is very popular and rightfully so. Taking into consideration that standing or sitting too long can lead to serious health conditions, specifically designed furniture can prevent that. For example, ergonomic lift chair offers neck and lumbar support and adjustable height desk can have your employees easily switch between standing and sitting.

Besides the furniture, there are also several other ways to help your employees feel more comfortable at their workstations. Teach them how to appropriately sit at their desks and computers, as well as encourage them to go on frequent breaks and stretch. This will promote blood flow and flexibility so they don’t develop musculoskeletal conditions like back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Be a pet-friendly business

Pets make the world better and of course, they will turn an office into a positively charged environment, Based on a study by Virginia Commonwealth University, employees who left their pets at home were more stressed and those who brought them at work. But pets are not only beneficial for their owners but to all team members since they simply elevate the mood and make the ambiance lighter. Employees will feel more relaxed to work and deal better with a stressful situation like short deadlines and urgent matters.

Surround them with nature

Plants are not only pleasing to the eye, but they also offer connection to nature and help the mind relax. Studies showed that having plants in the office can increase productivity by 15% since they help create a more enjoyable and comfortable work environment. Some plants produce more oxygen than others as well as purify the air from toxic pollutants like Areca Palm and Snake Plant.

Also, when you introduce plants to the office, think about aesthetics like different sizes, colors, and types. Less demanding plants that don’t require too much care will stay green and not wither which is an important factor to bring positivity to the workspace as well. Bamboo, cactus and aloe vera are only some of the plants that require little care but stay wonderfully green all year.

Final thoughts

If you want to boost employee productivity, you need to be more understanding of their needs and flexible. Your employees will appreciate the effort of getting them ergonomic chairs, allowing their pets to stay at the office or hiring a masseur to help them de-stress. The more you make your employee happy, the more they will be productive and turn your company into a successful and profitable business.

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Written by Emma Williams

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