The Best 5 Logo Design Tools Which Will Trend Magnanimously in the Year 2019

Every other person has a longing desire to achieve the highest essence of success. But, sooner or later, you realize that you are living in a highly competitive digital business world and the foundation of your dream starts to crumble. But wait! What if I tell you that the success of your business in this online world depends on a number of factors. They can range from setting the right quality of your product to delivering them good customer service. But among all of these important factors, there is one more thing that plays a major role. To win the consent of the subconscious mind of your audience, a visual identity plays a pivotal part in your digital journey. This unique visual identity can only be established with a logo.

A good logo design tells the complete story of your brand. Irrespective of the type and size of business you are running, to gain the proper attention of your customer is highly important. When it comes to branding, sophisticated logo design can rub off some really powerful magic on your business presence.

Since a logo is the first thing which your customer will see while interacting with your brand for the first time, that’s why companies invest a lion’s share of their design budget on crafting the perfect logo.

A good logo design only sees the broad daylight of its success when it is designed using the right logo making tools. While there are several different types of design tools existing within the market, here are some online software packages and tools which are not only cost-effective but also takes off the burden of hiring a separate logo designer permanently from your shoulders. So without further ado, let’s delve in.

1) Canva

When it comes to logo design, Canva is the best and the easiest logo designer available online. However, Canva is not just a platform to design logos; instead, it covers a bit of just about everything in graphics. It comes with a unique set of features and some amazing design tools which allows you to design quality banners, posters, cards, invites and much more. The best thing about Canva is that it allows free templates and base layouts which makes the entire designing process as smooth as slicing up butter.

Just like other design tools, Canva comes with an online editor which allow the users to make several changes in real-time. You can add different design elements by simply dragging and dropping them to the desired position on the Canva portrait screen directly from the online editor. This drag & drop feature is what makes the tool incredibly amazing because it makes the job for the designer a whole lot easier. Just tweak and resize your newly set elements to match your preferences and create a masterpiece in no time.

 2) DesignHill – Logo Maker

Do you want to create a logo design which appeals to your customer? After all, we all love such brands who have an inspiring logo or a logo that readily captivates our mind. DesignHill – Logo Maker is an online tool which allows you to create some really interesting logos for your specific target audience. Now you can create a custom logo design which perfectly fits your business requirements.

As someone looking forward to creating a remarkable logo for its desired audience, you can delve into a world filled with 1000s of exquisite logo design samples. Each and every one of them can help you find your inspiration in a commendable manner. You can choose any one of these designs that accurately appeal to your specific requirements and then tweak around with its color, size, fonts, etc. accordingly.

It’s not just a simple Logo Maker, but you can also create designs for your other accessories.

3) Logo Garden

Working in a fast-paced service industry where customers are always at your doorstep? Logo Garden is a free logo maker tool that allows you to create logos not in days but just in a matter of minutes. The company came into existence in the early 2011 and since the time of its inception, it has given birth to 1000s of interesting logo design samples. From healthcare to finance, from corporate to commercial, Logo Garden has an elegant logo design for just about any business.

With Logo-Garden, not only can you create a uniquely themed custom logo design to establish your brand identity quickly; but, you can also create logos of different type and size to print it on your other accessories. More than a million entrepreneurs have used this logo design tool to create their business identities. However, it is best advised that you still get your logo audited by a professional designer.

4) Logaster

Do you want to create some really good logo designs for your online business? Then look no further than the Logaster – Online Logo Maker. It is a logo design platform which is quite an effective tool to create some remarkable logo designs only if you are willing to invest your precious time in designing one.

Once, you are done designing your desired logo, Logaster allows you to download the logo design files using in a zip file format. It doesn’t really matter which resolution you want your logo to be in, because with Logaster you can download logos in any resolution of your choice. All you have to do is pay $9.

5) Logotype Maker

Now this one isn’t exactly a logo designing tool; instead, this tool allows you to randomly create a logo for your small or medium sized business within no time. It is a single-action tool so you don’t have much choice. To get your desired logo, all you have to do is enter your brand’s name into the specified field and hit enter. The logotype maker automatically generates a logo for your business.

Then all you have to do is tweak around with colors, font size, shape, and design to custom-tailor it to your requirement. That’s where the real customization comes and that’s why I believe it deserves a place here.

So that’s it, folks, there you go… some interesting online logo design tools for y’all. Until next time.

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