Tips & Tricks For Designing A World-Class Mobile App UX Design

The mobile application has become a digital asset for companies and enterprises that want to diversify and strengthen themselves online.

As people’s expectations are becoming mobile-first, brands and businesses are also focusing more on building a robust mobile application to target more consumers.

But with thousands of applications already available is for users, it becomes challenging for businesses and developers to create a unique and successful mobile app that cherished by users.

25% of mobile apps which are downloaded used only once and 50% of U.S. smartphone users download zero new apps per month.

That said, what makes the mobile app thrive online. What is the secret ingredient that makes a mobile application viral? The answer is user experience, a.k.a UX.

Check any mobile application, for example, and you will observe a single entity that all the successful mobile apps excel in. The apps that have gone viral must have a great UX design.

Thanks to the excellent user experience only, few apps are the favorite destinations of users to get solutions to particular problems. And that’s why these applications become viral and downloaded by most of the people to perform specific tasks.

65% of consumers have accepted that bad mobile experience negatively impacts their opinion of the brand.

So, if you want to build a successful mobile application, you need to understand the overall impact of UX design on a mobile application and how it can elevate the mobile app’s growth.

Tips & Tricks For A Great Mobile App UX Design

Don’t Make the Layout Too Cluttered

The layout is the first step of users experiencing your mobile application. So, ensure that the user interface is clear and self-explanatory. It should not make your mobile app too complicated to comprehend.

The user interface has to be straightforward and comprehensive; so be clear about the elements that you add in your mobile app layout.

If you are adding elements to make your interface more attractive and show your designing skills, then you might end up confusing your users through your app.

Every image, animation, and content added in your mobile app screens must be brainstormed and thought out well, so its existence makes complete sense and provide stunning UX to the app.

So, start questioning elements of your app has and determine their contribution towards making your app better in every aspect.

If you are confused about whether the element improves the app, delete such portions straightaway.

You have to be 100% sure while determining the contribution of a component in your mobile app.

Ensure Easy Navigation 

As per Google, 61% of consumers say that their most favorite mobile applications are comprehensive and easy to navigate.

Navigation of your mobile application is one of the most crucial elements that you need to take care to make your use likable to the consumer. All the viral applications do have friendly navigation, which is intuitive and self-explanatory to users.

Ensure that you are integrating and focusing intensively for navigation of your mobile application.

If your navigation is confusing, your users feel lost and confused while using your mobile application. This user behavior will turn off the users from your mobile app, and they may never try again.

Avoid Adding Too Many Features 

If your mobile application has a lot of features, it is good. But it is hard to pull this off and build a versatile mobile application. More features will result in complex navigation and complicated structure of the overall mobile app.

As you integrate more features, it increases the file of your mobile application. It will not only occupy memory in internal storage but also blocks the app screens to load smoothly.

As per a fact, 70% of users will abandon the app if it takes too long to load.

So, if you want to make your mobile application successful, focus only on solving painful areas of consumers’ problems and answer it intelligently with the help of a mobile app.

Since your area of focus is limited, you would be able to serve better and provide more value to your users. The navigation of your mobile application will be smoother and more comfortable.

Furthermore, your application would be exclusive in providing excellent customer experience thanks to the limited features it offers.

You would require a lot of brainstorming and research to amalgamate everything and make an app that can creativity solve every problem that a user has in a particular niche.

Make It Secure 

In this era of digitization, security becomes paramount as users are now sharing their personal information with mobile applications.

A slight recklessness in security measures may result in a complete shutdown of the functioning of the mobile application. So, please ensure your app has all the encryption enabled to strengthen the privacy of the mobile app.

To provide remarkable user experience, you need to provide a secure environment to users so they can comfortably access your app, and won’t resist themselves in sharing personal information like email address, phone number, name, credit card details, etc.

Hence, integrate robust security in your mobile application, and make it safe from all the malicious entities and viruses that try to enter into your app and jeopardize the whole structure.

Maintain a Color Palette 

The color combination that you are using in your mobile application should be concurrent across the app. A study by the University of Toronto revealed that people prefer simple two-three colors in a mobile app.

A good practice is to maintain a set of a color scheme that matches with the logo of your mobile application. Moreover, the color palette must also resonate with your user base.

For example, if you are targeting millennials, you would go for more vibrant and dark colors to attract attention and convert them as your consumers.

However, the same color palette might not do well in your mobile application if you are serving corporate individuals and teams who work in the deadline-oriented surroundings.

So, you need to research and test different color schemes to determine which works best for your app. Now, once you choose a color scheme, ensure that the same colors are maintained throughout the app.

If you are using a set of colors in one screen and changing the settings for another display, the whole user experience would be ruined as users would feel that they are interacting with a different mobile app.

Understand the Market Demand 

It is the essential element that you must proactively cover to build a lasting mobile application for your business.

If you are aspiring to give an excellent user experience through an app, then you must first understand the current market scenario to be able to provide what is required at that moment.

If you ignored to focus on market demand and happened to come up with the excellent mobile application, then you would observe that similar mobile app is already present in the market and your app is just another alternative.

Furthermore, market research will allow you to understand what people want and how they’re interacting with the current mobile app of your niche.

After researching, you can integrate your creativity to add a surprising and valuable element in your app that skyrockets the download of the app.

You can also try similar and the most downloaded mobile apps to see how other companies are serving their users through mobile apps. Please note that I am not encouraging to copy any mobile app.

It is a market research technique that will help you to understand the current trend and give you an idea of how other apps are entertaining their users to create one-of-a-kind mobile application that offers world-class mobile app user experience to its uses.

Understand Your Users 

Your mobile application will serve real human beings who have specific problems which need to be solved through an app. You would create your mobile app, not for directors or stakeholders.

As per a fact, 30% of users will stop using the application if they don’t find any value through using that app.

So, as a developer, you should always think about the end-users who browse their cell phones and apps every day.

Create a buyer persona to understand traits, expectations, needs, problems, emotions that your consumers have, and then align your mobile UX to build the best solution for those users.

If your users don’t find the app valuable, they would instantly uninstall the app.

This way, your mobile application will perfectly resonate with your customer expectations, and they would be likely to take one step ahead by revisiting your app to use its features.

This way, you’ll be able to connect all the dots and come up with an excellent mobile app that can delight the users.

Make the Design Responsive

Understand that 58% of users are already frustrated with the inconsistent interface of mobile apps, and that is why making your app responsive should be a top priority of the developer.

Responsiveness means you are giving the same layout and user experience on multiple platforms and various smartphone devices.

This way, if your user accesses the app on different systems or devices, they would get the same consumer experience and structure.

Furthermore, you would be able to expand your consumer reach by targeting people who use different systems like tablets, iPhone, Android, etc.

The responsive app design will allow you to provide excellent UX that would make your app viral on the web. Because the buttons, images, animations, and everything in your app would work the same on all the platforms.

Hence, it makes your app professional and reliable in front of users who would choose your app whenever they need a particular thing.

However, for that purpose, you need to verify the Cost To Make An App in 2019. It will be helpful to you all in the long run.

Integrate Visual Elements Smartly 

As per a fact, 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual, and that is why we like content in the form of images, videos, audio, etc.

You can leverage this user behavior by adding a visual element in your mobile app to improve engagement and user satisfaction level.

21% of millennials get rid of mobile apps if the app does not look good on the home screen. So, make your app visually attractive and relevant to the people.

Visual elements will make your mobile application more interactive and comprehensive to all types of users. Instead of writing textual content, you can effectively communicate with your users by enabling visual effects in your mobile app.

Moreover, in this fast-paced life, nobody likes to wait and read the long-form of content to do something online. As a human, we want everything quickly and at our fingertips without wasting any time.

Since there would be less text on the screen, your layout will automatically become cleaner and sophisticated for your users who can then focus only on the important stuff in the app.

Roll-out Regular Updates 

As discussed in the above points that your mobile app must meet the market standards and needs, you must update your mobile apps regularly to be able to stay relevant in the industry.

As the internet evolves, security threats will also increase. So, as a mobile developer, you can integrate robust security measures through regular updates of your mobile application so that your prospects can enjoy seamless user experience.

Furthermore, regular updates will help you understand your consumers better and improve your services to be the best application in your niche.

Keep an Eye on Upcoming Technologies

Thanks to the technological advancements like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things, there are tons of creative and engaging features that you can create for your mobile application using these technologies.

For example, now you can utilize the inbuilt microphone of the smartphone to enable voice command in your mobile app.

Your app can also access the location of the smartphone to provide customized solutions and recommendations to the users.

Most importantly, the voice commands enable quick execution in a mobile app. So, users are no longer required to use the keyboard and their fingertips to command or type anything on mobile. They can speak, and the application will take care of everything.


Developing a world-class mobile app UX design is a process, and it cannot be done overnight. Use the techniques shared above to improve the process and build mobile applications that users love.

Do let us know what you think about the tips and tricks discussed in this article to build great user experience for mobile application.

If you have already developed the mobile application for your business, share your journey, experiences, and tips to create UX design for an App to help other readers.

We hope you had a great time reading this article and it will be helpful to any Mobile Application Development Company. Thank You.!

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