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Online Food Business Is Here To Stay!

Roti, Kapda & Makaan are the three basic necessities of mankind, out of which need of food is the most basic. This need is only evolving with time. Previously, preparing food used to be a big hassle in situations like late-night work at office, unexpected arrival of guests, sudden hunger pangs at odd hours. We are either lazy or do not have enough resources at home to fulfil these hunger needs.

Today majority of us either own a smartphone or a mobile device and mobile apps have become a huge part in our lives. Often free and easy to download, these mobile apps are a necessity and have fit in to our lifestyle pretty easily. You have food delivery apps to order food online, maps to get directions, fashion & lifestyle apps, grocery apps. You can even win reward point or earn cashbacks or discounts which are nothing short of ‘sone pe suhaga’.

Previously online food was limited to pizza delivery business but these days apps are everywhere! These apps are a big boon for the end users. These apps form a great medium:

  1. To know what kind of restaurants are available in your area.
  2. What delicacy is trending in the market.
  3. No minimum order value
  4. Live order tracking facility
  5. In a mood to have Lebanese or Awadhi or if you are vegetarian? No problem. Thanks to the filtering option in the apps, you can choose to order whatever you want to.
  6. You do not have to worry about delivery. These food delivery app owners appoint delivery boys to deliver the food right at your doorstep.

Basically with these food delivery apps on board “we’ve got you covered!” is the message from food aggregators.

Not just for end users, these food delivery apps are nothing short of a boon for businessmen, restaurant or pub owners, brand managers and marketers. Think about it. These apps are free. And that is why millions of users get to download and use it on a regular basis. Therefore at any given point 1 million users are able to know about their restaurant, read about its history, and if you have good ratings then your business will shoot to success in no time.

These apps have become a great opportunity for corporates and business owners to market their brands through pop-up advertisements, to more number of people in less time with less effort and the apps get paid for it. Therefore it’s a win-win situation for the online food business in the long run, given the future of digital India.

Some apps collect location data to give maps and coupons of nearby restaurants. Once you give permission to access your location, the developers combine that information to target ads based on your location and interest.

The future of India’s economy lies heavily from the success it achieves with digital India. Due to the strong coding nature of Google, investing in app-vertising has become a favourite choice for marketers.Apps are a booming trendsince a couple of years now.

Thanks to UI of the food delivery apps you can simply check out which online food is trending in your area and expect that at your doorstep in roughly 30 minutes. Clearly, given the trends, we can predict that food apps are here to stay!

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