Top 10 HR Payroll Software for Small to Medium Biz, According to Software Advice

Compensating employees for time worked has never been easier with HR payroll software. With this tool, human resource professionals can organise all the tasks related to compensation and the filing of employee taxes.

If your business doesn’t have this system yet, it’s not too late to have yours—you still need this even you only have a small employee population.

Need help finding the best payroll software program for your small biz? This list of frontrunners from Software Advice can guide you in your buying journey.

  • APS

Short for Automatic Payroll Systems, APS is acloud-based workforce management solution that combines HR and payroll capabilities in a single platform.

It tool takes pride in its unified solutions—payroll, core HR, attendance, recruiting and on boarding, affordable care act, and self-service.

APS promises an important thing: process payroll in hours, not days. This promised is backed by the software powerful payroll analytics, built-in automated workflows, automatic system and tax table updates stored in the cloud, and more.

  • FingerCheck

Finger Check has also made it to Software Advice’s list of frontrunner for 2019.

This human resources and payroll management system offers recruiting, self on boarding, time tracking, expense tracking, benefits administration, insurance management, and other functionalities ina single platform.

Among its awesome features is the automatic deposit, which allows users to automate the payroll process. This specific function makes the calculation simpler, eliminates the risk of error, and prevents non-compliance issues.


Small to mid-sized businesses can also rely on Netchex. This management solution also has the same key features and works under the cloud.

Examples of such capabilities are recruiting, hiring, and onboarding management, tax compliance, time and attendance management, analytics and reporting, and payroll management.

What’s best about Netchex is its user-friendly interface and people-friendly support. Human resource professionals can easily get the hold of it and get the data they need right at their fingertips.

  • OnPay

Software Advice used reviews from real software users to highlightA-listpayroll software products. Of all these software solutions, OnPay received the second-best reviews.

This human resources and payroll software solution is ideal for small businesses, growing businesses and accountants. It makes the running of payroll fast and convenient, thanks to the complete payroll service in the cloud.

Also, On Pay provides other services including health benefits, workers’ comp, and 401(k) plans. The workers’ comp, in particular, is a form of insurance that can keep employees covered and avoid liability.

  • Patriot Payroll

Patriot Payroll sits on the fourth spot of the top-rate HR payroll software, according to the user ratings being analysed by Software Advice.

As its name suggests, this system helps process payroll online faster and easier. It’s specifically designed for small business owners with 1-100 employees.

Through this payroll solution, users can streamline the different processes associated with payroll payments and tax submissions. They can maintain payroll records, print checks, establish direct deposits into bank accounts, and generate payroll reports via this software.

  • Payroll Mate

There are two types of management solutions: off-premise and on premise. If the latter is preferred, Payroll Mate makes a great choice.

This on premise payroll software suits the needs of both small and midsize companies. It allows users to manage payroll, pay employees, calculate taxes, prepare checks, create payroll reports and export data to ERP and accounting solutions.

Also, such a tool can automatically calculate federal and state payroll taxes, track employees’ vacation and sick time off, make salary adjustments, and create payroll reports (i.e. employee earnings, tax liability).

  • PeopleBookHR

PeopleBookHR is another cloud-based human resources (HR) management solution. This tool promises businesses to modernise their HR department with automated features.

Its primary features include employee information management (EIM), asset management, payroll and performance management, leave management, time and attendance management, benefits management and reporting.

PeopleBookHR landed as the third most recommended HR payroll software because of the positive users’ review. It scored 5/5 for ease-of-use, value for money, customer support, and more.

  • Rippling

Software Advice garnered how users rated the usability of payroll software and if they consider the tool recommendable. And, the one that gained the top spot is Rippling.

This software hold to its claim being a modern and all-in-one HR platform. Users liked its ease of use, functionality and user-friendly interface, which is not a surprise because of Rippling’s capacity to unify all employee systems.

It provides everything a human resource unit needs in a single, central platform—payroll, benefits, HR software and HR integrations. Such a tool also allows single sign-on and passwords, combining HR and IT at last.

  • Viventium

Viventium is another cloud-based payroll and human resources (HR) solution for small to mid-size businesses. It sits close to Payroll Mate when it comes to overall usability.

This business tool has a variety of features such as payroll, HR, talent acquisition, ACA tracking, business intelligence, and time and attendance. It also comes with a mobile Employee Self Service (ESS) app, which is also available for iOS and Android devices.

With Viventium, users can track employee data via the integrated HRIS system and add notes or upload documents into each profile.

  • Wagepoint

Completing the list of top 10 HR payroll software in 2019 is Wagepoint, a cloud-based payroll management solution that caters to small businesses and start-ups.

Wagepoint serves businesses from different industries including banking, distribution, healthcare, retail and more.Its main goal is to simplify payroll processing while staying compliant with federal, state and local payroll regulations.

Here’s what this payroll system can offer—direct deposit, payroll calculations, federal state and local taxes, new hire reporting, additional deductions, contractor payments and wage detail reports, to name a few.

Note: This list isn’t written in chronological order. The software products featured in this article are from small software vendors. We handpicked the top ten according to user recommendation. You may see the actual listing here

The Takeaway

Who says you need to fuss too much with HR processes and payroll management? There’s now plenty of paycloud software for managing payroll and human resources. Purchase one before the year ends so you can kick-start the year 2020 right.

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