What are the steps for a successful ICO?

The ICO number each month varies, but there is a general increase in the number of CIOs hosted. With many blockchain projects available, or most of them under construction, CIOs are as popular as ever. After creating your ICO, you have to concentrate on some key areas to ensure that your ICO is a great success. People just want to invest in their project to get rich. Therefore, it is important to tell them why your project is a recipe to guarantee success, and why the token they are buying will be omnipresent before they realize it. To do that, you need to take care of certain things.

The landing page should be attractive

Before anyone reads the content of the landing page, their eyes go through the design and graphics. Try to make a good first impression by adding as many creative and attractive designs as you can. Too much is bad, and you should be careful not to overdo things. But it takes some extravagance to attract the masses.

Once it appeals to your eyes, appeal to your minds by showing them promising statistics and as many positive ICO Reviews as you can. Also, encourage people to communicate with you through the contact form on the landing page or the pop-up chat if they have any questions.

Make your chip sale interesting

During your ICO, you are giving away chips at a low price that will boost your project in the future. If you are offering an interesting discount, you can interest more people to invest in your project.

Talk about your ideology

The places to do it are the frequently asked questions and roadmaps sections. These can be on the landing page or on the whitepaper. You should try to talk about the way you see the crypto and the kingdom of the block chains. Talk about why you are interested and how you think you can change the world for the better. If people can relate to their thought process, their work is half done. The details will not matter to people as much as they have already formed a connection with you.

Have a good team at your disposal

You do not have a finished product at the time of the ICO, but you must have at least the equipment you want. Try to make sure you have a good mix of people. This refers not only to experience and skill but also to ethnicity. A team full of diverse individuals such as women, Russians, and Asians, works like a charm to increase the popularity of your ICO.

Working hard

Once you have your idea and your star team, it’s time to get to work. How will your team design and build your platform? How does your token fit?

Things to keep in mind:

Create a token: This means you are creating a good tradable can be loyalty points, a promissory note, digital currency or purchases in a game. It does not have to be the next version of bitcoin, but it is absolutely real money.

The platforms in which you create your cryptocurrency: once you discover what you want your cryptocurrency to do, you must choose a blockchain platform to build your token.

Technical document: The Whitepaper is the business plan for the digital era and a key step in the launch of an ICO. This document should describe everything in detail: the technical aspects of your product, the problem you are trying to solve, your solution, your roadmap, the equipment, etc. The Whitepaper will also establish the marketing plan, its coin distribution strategy, and milestones to build the actual product.

Marketing: Of course, you will also need a well-designed marketing plan. Your campaign should include a strong presence in social media, outreach to the media, guest publications, influencers marketing, and conferences. Launching an ICO is about connecting with others and educating the public. Because Blockchain solutions require significant education, content marketing, the reach of influencers and a comprehensive presence on social media will help spread the word, long before a major announcement.


Hosting an ICO is important for anyone wishing to complete their project. However, hosting a successful ICO is only possible if all the bases are covered. However, you must remember that you must first have something to sell before going to sell more. If there is no market for your project and it does not really solve a problem, all your hard work in hosting the ICO and the coverage of these points will be useless.

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Written by Cristina Herrera

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