Why You Should Invest in a Gaming Laptop

When deciding to purchase a laptop, if you either limit yourself to a budget or blindly follow a brand name, know that both ideas have their own set of drawbacks. Gaming laptops are meant to shape a full-fledged gaming experience for you that a regular and inexpensive laptop won’t be able to provide you with. However, knowing that you need a heavy machine with top-notch hardware and expensive price tags shouldn’t be the only driver for your decision.

Before settling on anything, make sure you do your research. Don’t be too hasty with your decision making as it will only induce issues later on. There’s a lot to explore so before you get a new laptop or buy internet connection for utmost stability of ping and no lag while gaming, here are the tips to tell you why you need to invest in a gaming laptop and how to jot down the right qualities.


When buying a gaming laptop, selecting a hard drive is the most confusing part. The addition of SSD is relatively recent while HDD has been a common preference for years. Since SSD has more advanced features and takes less time to boot your system, it’s costly as compared to HDD. So, if affordability is your primary concern then you can opt for HDD but aiming for SSD is a smarter option since today’s games not only consume a lot of space but are also weighty in terms of graphics and resolution quality, especially if it’s a triple-A title.

Selection of GPU 

While gamers aren’t laymen in terms of system specs, there are still some important system requirements that tend to be left out. The main concern here is GPU as when gaming, both the FPS rates and graphics quality play an essential role in shaping an engaging experience.

If the graphics card is not powerful enough to handle the creation of images, the game can might as well crash. You cannot resort to playing indie games or MOBAs all the time. You will feel the need to play a triple-A title game such as The Last of Us and even GTA V at some point.

If the graphics are heavy and the RAM isn’t powerful enough then GTX 1060 is the GPU every avid gamer recommends. But the level of quality it provides is great so it will end up costing you an arm and a leg. Of course, for starters, you should go for cheaper options, out of which GTX 1050, a generation older than 1060, is a preferable selection.

Size & weight preferences 

Before you move to the pricing point, the physical appearance (size and weight) of the laptop plays an equally important role. Most gaming systems are heavy and have zero portability. A laptop is meant to be portable. If not, there’s no reason to get yourself a laptop when you can just purchase a PC for gaming.

The standard laptop size for every gamer varies but the widely favored screen size is 14-15 inches. The smaller the screen size, the better the portability it offers. There are several brands for gaming laptops offering similar specs and screen sizes. Again, size is not the only thing that matters. When you are too quick in judging the portability and quality by its size, make sure you take a look at the specs and the core power of the laptop.

Don’t be brand-conscious 

It’s not set in stone that spending a lot means your laptop can sustain its quality in the long run. If you are someone who only follows brands and doesn’t pay heed to the specs and features a system has then you are truly mistaken.

There are some brands with names so strong that their products are instantly sold out. If you have a lot to spend then it’s understandable otherwise it isn’t. The minimum price base for a gaming laptop starts from $1000 and the pricing point only increases but that doesn’t mean you are resorting to a poor quality gaming laptop if you opt for a cheaper option.

Razer and Alienware tend to sell laptops and systems solely dedicated to gaming. Their products aren’t something every gamer would settle for. The costly prices of the systems would even make a professional gamer hesitate from buying. What you can do is purchase an Asus PC or laptop or if you are still unsure, you can view a list of affordable gaming laptops and you are good to go.

Versatility matters  

Customization in your PC, its features and even its chassis is quite common. It’s not only common but also affordable. What other versatile options do you have for a gaming laptop? Other than customization of design and features, there’s still a lot to explore.

As compared to PCs, a gaming laptop will give you multiple ports to add another display or connect additional devices to it. Another awesome perk of a laptop is against consoles. While laptops and PCs have a limited lifespan and you have to upgrade them but you still have the option of modding which you don’t in a console.

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