10 Best Places to Travel in California

California has always remained one of the great attractions for tourists. This wonderful place is considered the home of Silicon Valley means it is the home of many giant tech companies. Besides it, there are many amusement parks, film studios, mesmerizing beaches, deserts, etc. So, many great worth-seeing sites make California one of the best places to travel.

If you are thinking to visit California, then this article is going to help you in finding the best places to travel during Covid. The 10 best places to visit in California are mentioned below. These places are:

1. Yosemite National Park:

One of the most worth-seeing sites in California is Yosemite national park. This park is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains that include stony monoliths, active waterfalls, colossal redwoods, twinkling alpine lakes, lavish valleys, and beautiful roads. All these features look amazing to easily grab your attention.

It will take time if you want to visit the complete park. So, the pro tip for you is to start your day earlier if you want to see all the mesmerizing sites of this beautiful park. Then you will find yourself lost in the miracles of nature while traveling top 10 places to visit in the world.

2. San Francisco:

This place is the center of cultural, commercial, and financial activities in California. This city is the fourth largest populous city in California. This place is one of the best places to visit in the world due to the great natural attractions found there. One of the great attractions found here is Golden Gate Bridge that appeals to many tourists towards this place.

This area is famous for its inclined paths, Pacific coast, and Victoria architecture that enhances its attraction. Moreover, the liberal atmosphere of this city makes it more striking for the visitors.

3. Santa Barbara:

One of the best places to travel in 2021 USA is Santa Barbara that draws the attention of the tourists towards it. Among the most famous and impressive sites is Old Mission due to its building architecture, amazing garden, and ancient artworks. Furthermore, beautiful beaches, lush parks, and streets lined with trees add more glory to its fascination.

This coastal city is great to visit if you are a beach lover and want to make your tour memorable by spending your time on beach sides.

4. Lake Tahoe:

If you want to visit a lake in California, then your destination is Lake Tahoe. It is the biggest freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada is Lake Tahoe. This lake is also the second deepest lake in the USA. It is considered one of the best vacation spots due to its dry summer and chilly winter that comes with regular snowfall.

The great importance of this lake is also due to its 99.94% pure water for which it is one of the purest lakes in the world. Additionally, the blue surface of this lake makes it worth looking site.

5. Napa Valley:

This valley will be your favorite place if you want to enjoy attractive landscapes with a glass of wine. This is one of the best places to travel for wine lovers as in this region you will get more than 200 wineries. So, you can make your tour unforgettable by relaxing in the open air having your favorite wine.

This area is surrounded by ancient architect, systematic hills, and striking vineyards. Here, you can enjoy the complete view by riding a hot balloon.

6. Death Valley:

Among the best places to travel in the U.S during Covid, one is the national park named Death Valley. This is located in the Mojave Desert so you will experience a harsh and unforgettable environment. This valley presents you a spectacular scenery making your tour memorable. Besides it, this area also has an infertile Badwater Basin. Thus, it is the home of the lowest point of North America.

This place is famous for being the driest and hottest spot in North America. Thus, this will prove an achievement to experience the hottest climate in California.

7. Monterey:

This place is famous for its coastal town showing the culture of ancient times. But Monterey is the perfect place among the best places to travel in 2022. The art lovers have a special charm for this place as it is rich with heritage and rocky landscapes. Moreover, this place has an extraordinary attraction for history lovers.

This region is great for seafood lovers as wildlife is abundant here. You will find here the most diversity of marine life.

8. Los Angeles:

You cannot imagine completing your trip to the best vacation spots without visiting the largest city of California. Los Angeles is the second biggest city in the USA. This proves a very welcoming place for its tourists due to the great beautiful sceneries found here.

The magnificent beaches, Beverly Hills, culture, architecture, landscape, and architecture attract tourists to this place from all over the world.

9. Laguna Beach:

This place is best to draw the attention of the tourists here from all over the world. This area is famous for its beautiful beaches and system of TRAILS that makes hiking, running, and biking possible in a protected land area. You will find amazing art galleries and restaurants here to make you feel delightful.

These all attractions and beaches make it fall under the list of best places to travel 2022.

10. San Diego:

The places that make San Diego worth visiting are Balboa Park, San Diego zoo, seaport village, point Loma, and San Diego beaches. All these great areas make this place one of the best places to travel. The soothing and fascinating sites of San Diego appeal to the tourists to visit this place.


The detail of all the top 10 places to visit in the world will help you to manage your trip easily in California. All these places are the best to visit due to the great natural sceneries and attractions found there. You will never regret your tour if you visit all these places to make your tour memorable.

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