Has Saudi Arabia Resumed International Flights?

It is been said on many unauthentic platforms that the Saudi authorities have announced to resume the flights for Umrah and other Visas. For me, it was important to verify because many of my friends were relying on my sources to give them accurate information. To confirm you, the people who are looking for December Umrah Packages are requested to stay calm and wait for a little. The decision has not been made yet. keep yourself glued with the latest updates coming from the Saudi Authorities, it will help you. Now coming to the News that popped out earlier.

The news came out from the WhatsApp groups on September 13 that Saudi Arabia has opened all the international flights and booking for the Umrah, and another type of visas has now been started. That was true but not completely. The Umrah ban has not been lifted but some necessary type of traveling is allowed by the authorities. It has been said that the specified categories of the travelers are allowed to travel and provided the names of those categories. This news was misunderstood by many people and came out to spread the fake news that Saudi Arabia has lifted the ban on international flights.

The complete ban on international flights would be open by January 1, 2021, and that is the only information as yet. You can think about booking the January or February Umrah packages if that suits you but you should wait, maybe the travel ban lifts earlier for December.

The Flights are open for the little scope of travelers. The urgently allowed travelers are the Public, Military Employees, Dimpomats and their family, public sector, non –private, Non-profit sectors’ employees, businessmen and their official staff, patients are allowed to move urgently who need urgent treatment from abroad, and those students who are studying abroad are allowed to leave Saudi Arabia anytime they want. The Sportsmen and people with humanitarian cases are also allowed to travel on special permission of the Saudi Authorities. The rest of the traveling categories would also open with time. What exactly are the things to do for you just after the ban on traveling has been lifted? Here are some of the tips to get the most important concerns covered.

Is it Safe to Travel After Ban Lifting?

Coronavirus has taken many lives. To see the increasing deaths in the world again, it can be predicted that the deaths will cross the figure of Million sooner. Even After the Ban lifts in Saudi Arabia, you should think twice to travel or not. Life risk is the primary concern one should consider on priority. If it is not important, uyou should not travel because as the ban will be lifted, people will rush out to get their chance first. After Banning two major problems will come out for the travelers.

Uncertain OutBreak Threat:

The uncertain outbreak of the COVID can happen by rushing people out to travel. Remember, this virus converts from a person to person. You touch a person or not, it can catch you from the distance too if not proper SOPS has been followed. There would be uncertainty just after the travel ban lifting. People will be rushing around and there would be a possible outspread of the virus again. The threat of spreading the COVID after the travel ban is still there and you should consider it while deciding to travel. Especially if you are thinking to travel to the Gulf, think twice.

Travel Fare Will Rise:

Just after the travel ban lift, the airfare will increase and will be unaffordable for the travelers and their families to travel. It will be due to the increasing demand formula. People who have already booked their tickets and packages, if they are much lucky would have some privileges to travel in the budget but not every traveler would be. Traveling with proper planning is the right thing to experience, so avoid traveling in a hassle and costly. You should look over the situation and should travel in next summers. That would be an ideal trip time for you. Although you should keep checking the airfares, luck can count anytime.

Limit Your Activities During Travel:

If you are bound to travel, you should. But limit your activities to avoid getting the virus. You can avoid going to the public bathrooms, restrooms of the buses, trains, and airports, Food Shops, Parks, and the unnecessary invitations of the gatherings. If you have to go out, or visit someone, follow the proper SOPs to get yourself safe at least. You should take every safety measure because this time, it is not only you who gonna be affected by the virus. You can affect your family members and the people around to cause the spread of the virus.

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