How We Can Make Corona Free Packaging

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In the early days of CoronaVirus, the fear of the virus was everywhere and it was told that everything, every surface can give you the virus and you can be tested Covid-19 which simply means death. No, with time, when things came to the normal, the packaging scientists, and the food specialists told the world that there is no possibility of the Corona transmission through the packaging because it is human to human transmitted disease.

I’m a bakery store runner in Texas so my concern was the food packaging. I inspected every step of production in the process of the package making in CPP Boxes and then got satisfied with the clean virus free boxes. You also now should come to the normal and believe that you are safe and you are not causing the spread of COVID-19 transmission by delivering the packages in the town.

Things to Know about the Corona Free Packaging:

I’m enlisting the points to consider, ask yourself, and use the ideas while packaging and delivering the products to the customers and observing the proper SOPs. To know what you should do for the Coronavirus Free packaging, there you go.

Is the Packaging Spreading the COVID-19?

Did you ask yourself that are you safe to touch the packaging of the different basic use of products and food? Food packaging was also discouraged during the COVID-19 pandemic that causes the virus to spread. But Later when the researches, medical experts came out to tell that it is not the primary reason for spreading the virus, people calmed down and started using the packaging. Before this, people were scared of using food packaging too. Well, it is now decided that there is no harm in using the packages but still, that question remains that how much time a virus can live on the surface of the packaging and how it should be dealt with.

How the Virus can be dealt with in Packaging:

The packaging is an industry also affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic because people were not to trust on the packaging either that is a virus transmitter or not. This is true that the virus is there and can be transmitted but the range of that transmission is very very low. Medical experts say that it is the human to human transfer and transferred by touching the infected humans. The sneezing and coughing of the infected people in the public can also be the source of transmitting the virus to many. The question remains, how the virus can be dealt with in the packaging?

It only can be dealt with by washing the hands and keep everything clean in your production place where you are manufacturing the packages. If you are running a food business and need to pack your food, you should also follow the SOPs given by the world health organization. By following the SOPs you can make the safety sure.

After this, the deliverance of the packages to the customers remains. How can you keep yourself safe if you are doubting the virus transmission possibility? There you go.

Keep distance from a person on the door:

You should keep a distance from the person you are receiving the order on your door. This can save you and the person who is on the door to deliver you a service. At least six meters distance is suggested to keep from a person next to you in terms of safety.

Wear Mask and Wash Hands:

Wearing a normal mask can’t protect you from getting a virus but can control your breath reach to the others so the others can be safe from you if you are infected. Mask is not that mad thing to wear whenever get in contact with the family and friends, this is general security. You will wash your hands with anti-bacterial for 2 minutes and then will go to receive the packaging box from a delivery boy. After receiving you will wash your hands again to make it sure that you are virus-free.

Disinfect the Packaging:

If not a food package, and sealed if the food packaging is even, you should have a spray or the chemical to disinfect the packaging to use. We all witnessed the disinfected gates in the entrance of the superstores, banks, and offices. You can also keep yourself this way or disinfect showering them the antibacterial liquids.

This should also be done in the packaging companies. Once the packaging is done, you should disinfect it by spraying the chemicals and anti-bacterial. This would keep your packaging boxes clean and will satisfy your customers during the novel Covid-19. For anyone who is reading the blog, you should know the basic symptoms of the COVID-19, if you feel those symptoms, you should consult the doctor and start your treatment. Get help from the website of the World Health Organization which is the only authentic source of the right information as per the time.

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