How Do You Become A Tour Guide?

Being a tour guide is one of the most enticing and rewarding jobs where you get to do for a living what others only do during their vacation. It is an ideal work line for people who are extrovert and are always excited to meet new people from all around the world. Whenever you visit a leading tourist site, you see people are always on the look for tour guides ad it suggested to get your guide for a complete experience of that particular site.

The plus point of being a guide is that you can marvel at some beautiful sites regularly. However, this doesn’t mean it is easy as being a tour guide is a daunting job that is not mean for everyone. With the change in technology, now you can even get the Audio Tour Guide. Though, the authenticity of a basic tour guide is an entirely different experience.

Tips for Being a Good Tour Guide

These effective tips will help you in becoming an excellent tour guide and also give you an insight into the dos and don’ts.

  • Charismatic & Outgoing

Mostly, there is only a tour guide helping a group of tourists. This work line required communication on another level as everyone is on tour for information and entertainment from their guide for most of their visit. This is why a tour guide needs to have charisma so that you can charm the group.

The entire job is not just about communicating but being an excellent conversationalist with an outgoing personality. Indeed, there will be a little social awkwardness when a new group shows up; it is the guide’s task to break the thick air and help them feel comfortable while interacting with each other.

  • Highly Knowledgeable With Sharp Memory

Having communication skills without any knowledge is nothing but waste in this field. When someone decides to get your guide, they hope to connect with someone who can help them in knowing the site better with facts, exciting stories, lures, history and everything that excited them about that particular place.

It is the job of a tour guide, among other things to know the right information, figures, facts and anything that some might shoot them during a tour. This is why tour guides are needed to remember so many stats when walking people around and should have a sharp memory; however, you need to be a fantastic storyteller as well.

Make sure to spend extra time on remembering such important things else spend the whole tour reading from a piece of paper.

  • Add Humor & Sufficient Enthusiasm

Guides are known to maintain positive energy within the group as no tourist would like to roam around in boredom. You don’t have to worry about being perfect and maintain enthusiasm in the group. However, don’t do anything over the top that i start to seem fake. A guide should sound genuine in everything he or she is explaining to the tourists.

Humor is a perfect tool to cut down any tension and awkwardness. Also, it adds an extra layer of joy and entertainment for the tourists. This doesn’t mean you need to cocky or witty; maintain a friendly attitude and things will work just fine.

  • Passion For Your Work

Lastly, genuine passion, dedication and full interest can make a tour from basic to excellent. Tourists these days are more inclined towards Audio Tour Guide because they feel a lack of passion and spark in the tour guides. Plainly, anyone can state and recite fact, but people who love what they do can pass that passion onto tourists and locals.

Don’t keep it simple facts and reliable information, as a tour guide you can even add up your personal experience while giving tours. Holidays are not about sitting and listening to other people talk as it is about chatting and meeting new people. It is essential to maintain a balance in your attitude and approach as a tour guide as you’re there to help people not annoy them.

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