How to Pack Bag For Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal

Annapurna Circuit trekking in Nepal is considered as one of the longest and difficult treks. Therefore, you must start preparing for such a trek at least a month in advance. Obviously, the first thing is to be physically fit in order to complete the trek. The other most crucial thing that you must take into account is that, you must know how and what to pack in your bag for the trek.

Annapurna Circuit trekking in Nepal

The following article involves things starting from the apt choice of your backpack to your medicine, sleeping bag, clothing, the right gears etc. Here’s how you can pack your bag for Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal:

  • The right backpack: While on a difficult trek, choosing the right backpack is very important. Therefore, you need a 55-65L backpack that is lightweight and is water resistant. If your luggage will be carried by an animal or you have a supporter; you may want to carry a day pack to keep all your essentials such as water bottles, snacks, medicine etc. in it.
  • Clothing: When you are packing for Annapurna Circuit Trek it is important to understand the concept of layering. This is because the weather at higher altitudes may differ drastically and one must be prepared for it, especially if you are trekking in the winters i.e. October to February.
  • You may follow the layering as below:
  • First layer: Breathable 6-8 pairs of innerwear that can withstand sweat and the flexibility.
  • Base layer: This layer will act as your skin and therefore must have wicking material to ease the moisture. You must pack 2 tops and 1 bottom’s base layers. This may also include 5-6 trekking shirts and trekking trousers or shorts.
  • Insulation layer: The second layer is the insulation layer that must be made from fleece material. A fleece top and a bottom will be enough to provide warmth to the skin.
  • The core or third layer: This layer consists of an insulated jacket and bottom that you will need as you will trek towards the higher altitudes. Hence, it must be windproof, waterproof and of course, insulated to keep you warm.
  • If you are trekking during the rainy season you must buy a hard-shell jacket with apt rain gear.
  • You must also pack headgear (For sun protection, headband or balaclava), hand gear (Inner and outer gloves), hiking or thermal socks, footgear (2 pairs), gaiters (To avoid dust, water, mud, snow or ice getting into the boots).
  • Sleeping bag: Choosing the appropriate sleeping bag is also crucial. As nights are colder in these areas, pack a mummy shaped warm synthetic bag that has a rating of at least -10 degree. Try to choose two-zippers as they are great insulators with an insulated hood.
  • Trekking poles: A supportive trekking pole will abate the effect on your knees and joints especially when you have to move downstream. An adjustable and lightweight trekking pole will just be fine for your trek.
  • Hydration bladder: Since it is important to keep yourself hydrated on such trek, a hydration bladder is a must. A 2L hydration bladder will be enough or you may also choose two 1L water bottles.
  • Personal gear and medicines: Trekking towels, small locks to protect your belongings, waterproof zip locks bags for your cash, gadgets etc. and don’t forget board games to keep the evenings entertained.
  • For the first aid, you may want to pack water purification tablets, Diamox (A solution for altitude sickness), general medication for diarrhoea, fever, cold and cough, antiseptic cream or lotion, bandage.
  • You must pack some toiletries and hand sanitizers for a quick wash.

These ideas will ease your burden of packing for Annapurna Circuit trekking in Nepal. If you are planning for any other trekking tours in Nepal, you must check their packing guide as well.

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