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Live up the ultimate adventure in Ecuador with Antigua passport

When looking for a perfect adventure, Ecuador’s always on top of the list. With towering Andean peaks and volcanoes, unwinding surf villages, vast strips of Amazonian rain forests and memorable Galapagos Islands, it’s a punch of amazing adventures you won’t get anywhere!

As long as you’ve Antigua passport, all you need are a few guidelines to plan a perfect trip to South America’s most preferred destinations for diverse adventures. Whether biking along the volcanic crater, trekking the isolated local villages or simply cheering at the friendly wildlife, here’s how to live up everything to its best!

For the 360-degree voyager

Almost every epic journey begins in the capital city of Quito where you’re likely to spend two days adopting to the altitude of approximately 2850 metres. And as you get acquainted, explore the colonial churches and stroll the Otavalo; the best crafts market just to the capital’s north. The Cotopaxi National Park to the south offers amazing overnight stay options in one of the elegantly restored haciendas (farmhouse).

The centre of Baños is a haven for mountain bikers, rafters and for those who simply wish to make the most of seclusion. Watching the wildlife through a cruise tour in the Galapagos Islands is every adventurer’s favourite since most choose to wind-up here, probably skipping a trip to the Amazon Basin. But, there’s more to explore in the forest lodges just on the Rio Napo to the outskirts of Coca.

For the cultural traveller

Ecuador is all emblazoned in remarkable cultural history being a diverse country with more than a dozen ethnic groups and more than a 30 local languages. As you move up the highlands, don’t miss the small Kichwa villages and on the way, you’ll surely get the chance descending to a crater to which legend speaks having no bottom.

Here, you’ll also get the ultimate opportunity to meet the creative artists having their work recognised on an international level even with simplicity. There’re numerous crafts markets on the way where you can dig in the amazing food, textiles, local artisan goods and much more.

And if you just stepped in the Amazon Basin, there’s plenty of wildlife, river paddling and a lot of unique cultures to learn and mingle with the local tribes. In big and busy metropolises like Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca, traditional culture still prevails and you’ll be lucky to wander the remnants of colonial times quite presentable in the churches, arcaded plazas and walkways.

The traditional culture is perfectly blended with elegant modern art, futuristic museums, jazzed nightclubs and rocking dance clubs. Then there’s always a festival every week here that you simply don’t want to miss especially when learning more about the culture and tradition.

For the dynamic adventurer

Ecuador has a truck full of activities for the adrenaline-junkies taking them literally over the edge of everything. On top are the towering volcanoes and all glacier-draped with Cotopaxi being the most preferred. For the extreme adventurers, Chimborazo awaits with its magnificent height of 6,000 metres truly giving the punch of adventure.


Now is the perfect season to experience ultimate adventure in a visa-free destination with Antigua passport, none other than Ecuador.

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