Umrah- The Best New Year Gift for Parents

The Muslims of every nook and corner pay an immensely reverent visit to the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina. These twin Saudi cities are the most visited sacred sites where millions of Muslims visit to perform their Islamic rituals called Umrah and Haj respectively

The indelible beauty of these sacred places lies in the fact that you may have many repeated visits to these same places but always have different experiences. For a different and more contended experience, I have intended to have my Umrah in the coming new year 2020 with my mother. While going through the pros and cons of different family umrah packages for my future family Umrah with wife and kids, I had a sort of sudden glance on the calendar “O 2020 is around the corner” I thought. “Why don’t I accompany with my beloved mother for Umrah” this new year?

Umrah Gift on New Year’s Eve

I regarded this lovely idea, a divine gift from Allah (SWT) and there is no other best thing I could ever do for my mother. Although the love of parents, mother, in particular, is not meant for a single week or a day, however, some days become indelibly memorable for your lifetime. I have been watching my friends planning different exciting things for a coming year’s celebration, I am immensely grateful to Allah (SWT) for bestowing me this wonderful thought. I remember what ordeals a young widow had to go through while raising her two sons. Being a widow every new year was a new challenge for her. She worked silently and arduously from dawn to Dusk to bless us with the best. So it’s the time for me to shower my devotion to her.

Umrah Planning with my Wife

My wife wanted a family Europe tour. But she was readily agreed when I showed my sacred intention for my only mother. Because honoring your mother means to enter into Paradise. So I prefer my actual heavenly Paradise over the worldly hollow tours.  Therefore, I sought my wife’s assistance in planning my 15-day spiritual tour with her. Her health conditions could not let us extend our stay time.

Importance of Mother in Islam

Well, the words fall short when you start reading or preaching the unprecedented place of a mother in any religion. In this fastest digitalized and materialistic world, we are doing nothing special except running for money accumulation to improve our living standards. And we don’t have time for our loved ones or even for ourselves. We become oblivious of the source of our life on this revolving earth and loose eventually our true peace of mind. This selfless source is none other than our parents, or mothers in particular. When I look up to my mother’s selfless contribution, I realize why the Holy Prophet says “Heaven lies in your mother’s feet”. Instead of rushing for worldly pleasures run for everlastingly spiritual contention. If you don’t have time for Haj, give a grin to your parents and get a reward of Hajj.

Consultation with a Reliable Travel Company

After the entire consultation with a reliable UK travel company, I got all the Umrah formalities done with the choice of the most suitable family Umrah packages. I realized that this New Year eve is going to be blissfully spiritual for me and my entire family because I took the best of the best decision of my entire life. Instead of Europe, I am going to have a memorable Holy tour of the magnetic Holy Kaaba.

However, in making your Holy travel story memorable your smart choice of reliable and authentic travel incorporation plays an inevitable role. The travel agents of these authorized bureaus have to come up with all the requisites of this divine pilgrimage. And after the Almighty Allah, I am grateful to my humble and cooperative travel agents for their remarkable guidance to proceed us for our future January Umrah.

My Mother’s Reaction at my Surprise

Now it comes to the most significant and emotional part of my inspiring story. I went to my mother who was sitting silently on her prayer mat waiting for Zuhar Azan. She knew that I want to perform Umrah but she didn’t have any hunch of my surprise. When I told her that I am going for Umrah with her daughter in Law, this coming year. She smiled and nodded. Afterwards, I handed her some SAR (Saudi Riyal) and said: “This is for you Please keep it”. What will I do with this? She said dumbfounded. You have a flight for Makkah with me. You can spend it over there.

After listening to this she lifted from her prayer mat and burst into tears. She overwhelmingly greeted me. Is this true or still I am dreaming? She asked with her teary eyes. “No Mother! This is true and we are going to make our New Year crammed full with Allah’s blessings. So please prepare yourself”

The intention of my Story

I am anxiously waiting for my future spiritual journey with a different and spiritually superb experience that would be created by my mother. My intention behind is this story is the realization of mothers and their selfless silent roles in making our lives successful and meaningful. Do love and care for them before it’s too late. You would see your life miraculously successful. No trip of life is more memorable than a Holy land tour of Mecca and Medina with your parents or family.

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Written by Mustafa Ali

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