7 Biggest Benefits of Studying Abroad

As a student, you get a chance to enjoy probably the best periods of your life. During those few years of studying what you’re interested in, you get an opportunity to live a life full of fun and various academic concepts. One of them is a possible experience of studying abroad. This is a perfect chance for you to see where your degree can take you (quite literally).

Studying abroad may help you test your skills living in another country and its culture. It could also be an excellent opportunity for you to learn a new language or to maybe update it if you already speak it. Simply said, studying abroad is a perfect opportunity to combine your education with a need for travelling and experimenting.

If you’re still deciding whether you should apply for that exchange program you’ve been secretly looking at – we prepared a shortlist of just some of the benefits of what you could expect on your new adventure.

  • Different Culture

Getting to learn about different culture will enrich you as a person. Experiencing a different culture allows you to expend your worldviews and values. It helps you develop cross-cultural awareness and allows you an opportunity to learn about new perspectives which will make you a more tolerant person than you already are.

It’s a well-known fact that our cultural background plays a role in how we react to different situations. When you study abroad you meet a lot of people from different cultural backgrounds and different upbringings. Some may shock you, some may make you laugh and some may make you disguised. But no matter the outcome of your feelings, getting to know people from different backgrounds and their experiences will help you broaden your mind and your horizons. This will make you more concern about people you meet and a need to establish a stronger relationship with them.

  • Do You Want to See the World?

The most obvious benefit of living in another country is an opportunity of travelling. Considering you’ll spend a few months in a foreign land you’ll have some time to explore it for yourself. The good thing is that you won’t have to restrict yourself to a specific area. If you’re going to study for example in Europe, this could be a great base from which you can get on a bus or a train and explore other cities and countries that surround you. So, don’t forget to pack your camera and a backpack with you for your adventures.

If you got a chance to live and study abroad in Sydney and you don’t know the city well but would like to see what it offers, don’t panic. The school Sydney College of English will fix that problem by providing you with different study tour programs that include some of Sydney’s best attractions. It could also be a good opportunity to meet locals and make new friends on the way.

  • Different Style of Teaching and Education

While studying abroad you’ll get a chance of being taught in a different style and quite possibly in a different language. This may seem terrifying at first, but it’s beneficial. Alternative ways of studying and preparing for your exams will make you think differently and it will require you to be adaptable. For instance, your new school may prefer a discussion led approach and might require you to contribute to open discussions. This is a good way for you to take into account different viewpoints and perspective of others, or maybe to question your own beliefs related to the field of studies.

  • Career Opportunities

Studying abroad is a great experience for your future employability. It’s a perfect opportunity to enrich your resume with skills and qualifications that include communication, adaptability, cross-cultural understanding or gaining fluency in a foreign language.

If you’re lucky enough you may even get a chance to gain practical work experience (eg. an internship) while you’re studying abroad. No matter what your career aspirations are in the future, your international experience gained through studying abroad will leave an impression on your future employers in today’s competitive job market.

  • New Interests

International experience as an exchange student is a perfect platform to find out new interests and hobbies you may have never discovered if you didn’t apply for that exchange. How would you ever know that you enjoy hiking and that you have pretty good orienteering skills? Or, how would you ever know that giving an oral presentation in a bunch of unfamiliar people in a non-native language is your strength? That’s why studying abroad is an awesome way to find out hidden talents and skills about yourself you didn’t even think you exist. This benefits your whole personality by boosting your confidence and giving you the enthusiasm to take on new challenges.

Developing new interests and hobbies don’t necessarily have to be related to your studies and intellectual growth. This can be related to any form of entertainment that will make you happier. Maybe you have a particular taste in music, movies or art in general. And then, your new friends take you to an event you never thought you’d like and you end up being hooked on instead. And this leads to your broaden and widen taste in music, plays, movies and concerts that you can now enjoy.

  • New Friendships

One thing is for sure – you’ll end up meeting a lot of people from around the globe. During your studies as an exchange student, you’ll have to collaborate with other students from your host country with whom you’ll get a chance to build a good professional or even personal relationship. Who knows, you might end up creating lifelong friendships with them. Even if you just stay acquaintances it’s always nice to stay in contact with your international buddies. They could have a role in building your professional network later on. You never know, some connections could lead to career opportunities. The wider the network you build, the better the chances you’ll get exciting social and career opportunities.

  • Personal Growth

Last but not least, throughout this experience, your personality will develop and you’ll become a more successful and stronger person. You’ll become more independent and confident than before your trip to the unknown. On this trip, you’ll for sure run into various challenges and obstacles but it will only help you on your way of becoming a more mature person. Quickly adapting and overcoming challenges in your new environment will make you more resilient starting from small tasks (eg. making a bank appointment) to lager issues (eg. learning how to negotiate) which will make you a more capable individual.

The personal growth will also leave a good impression on your future employers getting an impression of you as an ambitious and responsible person.


Getting a chance to study abroad is a fantastic opportunity for you to grow as a person and to build your social network for a future career. It can be a life-changing experience in which you’ll get a chance to learn more about different cultures, new languages, try out exotic food or get to know yourself better.

If this isn’t something you’ve considered before hopefully, these few benefits listed above will encourage you to think it twice and seek out the opportunity. On the other hand, if you’re not so sure whether you should apply for an exchange program and you have some doubts, don’t worry because everyone does. Going abroad and being away from your family and friends is a big step and a big decision to make. But it could also be an opportunity for you to become truly independent of them. Being an international student and living in another country will help you become a responsible, considering and successful person. So, go ahead and apply to experience this for yourself. Good luck!

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Written by Stella Ryne

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