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4 fire safety precautions your babysitter should take every time

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In the era of million chores and zero time availability, it is hard to look after everything and pay attention to every detail. When fathers and mothers work, it is difficult to take care of the kids, especially when they are young and do not go to school. That is why parents mostly rely on trusted babysitters who not only look after the children in the comfort of their own home but also take care of the property.

However, on the off chance that a fire breaks out, will your babysitter be able to handle the situation properly? Will he/she take care of the kids, curb the fire, call for help and have an escape strategy simultaneously?

You as a babysitter have a huge responsibility and imperatively need to be ready for all kinds of negative situations. Moreover, it is the homeowner’s  duty to make sure the babysitter is aware of fire safety and knows what to do if one occurs. It is also the home owner’s duty to tell the babysitter about all the fire safety equipment present inside the house such as fire extinguisher Brisbane, smoke alarms, fire safety blankets, etc.

If you are still worried, we have rounded up a few essential tips for all babysitters keeping fire safety in mind. Read on to find out!

Tip 1: Important Numbers and Address

Whether you are a mother who hires babysitters or are a regular babysitter yourself, it is important that when one arrives at a new residence, he/she asks for the following details:

  • Phone Numbers:

Ask for the essential phone numbers such as the fire department phone number, the local police department phone number, poison control phone number, emergency ambulance phone number and the parent’s phone numbers.

  • The Official Address:

It is essential to know the postal address of the residence you are working at in case you need to notify the fire department. It is also important to know about the parent’s office addresses in case of emergencies.

Tip 2: Provide the Essential Fire Safety Details

If you want your babysitter, your kids, and your property to be safe, it is best that you provide the babysitter with fire safety details as follows:

  • Familiarize:

Make the babysitter familiar with your residence. Take a walk around the house and show her the important rooms, the locks, the keys, the light switches, etc.

  • Show Fire safety equipment:

If you own fire safety equipment such as smoke detectors, fire blankets, and  fire extinguisher Brisbane, make your babysitter familiar with them.

However, be sure that she knows how to operate them.

  • Fire Escape Route:

Enquire about the fire escape route and plan. Ask the homeowners to show you two different exits from every room and the ideal escape route if a fire occurs.

  • Children:

Enquire about the knowledge of the kids regarding fires and escape route plans.

Tip 3: Safety Check

Here is how you can check for added safety.

  • Kitchen:

Check the stoves and the gas pipeline. Make sure there are no leaks.

  • Electrical Equipment:

Check the switches, wires, and appliances and make sure everything is switched off or is not near water sources.

  • Smoke Alarm:

Smoke alarm maintenance is necessary. Check the alarm for batteries and make sure it is working properly.

Tip 4: Pets and Kids

There are a few things a babysitter should be vigilant about.

  • Cooking and Caring:

If the babysitter cooks, she should keep the kids at least 5 feet away from the stove.

  • Pets:

Keeping pets away from the fireplace, the stove and space heaters is important.

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