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Don’t be afraid of the dark: 7 awesome lighting options for your household

After being away for the whole day while toiling at work, we need to come back to a beautifully lit and comfortable home, a place that takes away the stress of our day and brings calm. We put in similar efforts to make our homes appear charming and radiant, sparkling with light and life. With all the money and careful planning that goes into constructing this perfect haven, how we illuminate the space is of utmost importance. To say the least, it’s probably one of the most significant factors in creating a calm and aesthetically wonderful environment.

Ordinary Every Day or Mood Lighting 

Enhancing our homes with artificial lights is as important as the natural lighting, and with all the options that are available, we can create as many moods as we like in one space. With the advancements in lighting technologies, we have a lot of options to brighten up each part of our house. Eco-friendly varieties, such as compact fluorescents and LED fixtures, can be found in many stores and online.

Such type of lighting inside the house forms a connection between different parts of the house, all the while casting a warm glow along the way. When used outside, these lights create a single linear beautifully lit path that can join the outside of the house to the inside of the house. It follows a path through the wooden floor. Such technologies are allowing today’s homeowner to show off the wonderful architectural details, making the house appear as if you’ve just stepped into a scene from Beautiful Living.

Task Lighting 

These types of lights can light up the whole area of a designated place, just like how we use small fixtures these days on our work areas, be it cooking or reading. They are brighter and stronger than general lighting. Those specified areas will be highlighted. The contrast between both will help accentuate different areas inside the house. Examples of such task lighting include all of your bedside or corner lamps and light fixtures.

Accentuated Lighting or Spotlights 

They are used to light up a particular area, like a bookcase, a work of art, family pictures, or any decorated wall spot inside or outside the house.

Blue Light for Agility and Vitality

In comparison with days past, we now have our own choice of colorful fancy/non-fancy lights to choose from. We can buy daylight white, often described as a cool, blue light, or get warm sunlight, which comes as a yellow-orange warm light, depending on how we choose to decorate our homes. The blue one is the closest to natural daylight, and is helpful for waking up. It’s good for those slow winter mornings where everything feels like a state of slumber. Too much blue pigmentation slows down the sleep hormone melatonin, making it easier for us to wake up and start our day.

Stress Reducing Warm Light

Who doesn’t need a good night’s sleep after a long and busy day? We all have this innate need to switch off and relax. The warm yellow colored light should be used during the night time in tiny ceiling fixtures to give off a warm, soothing glow to uncoil from the burdens of the day. Such lights can also be taken advantage of as bedside lamps. They help us to sleep by increasing the secretion of the sleep hormone melatonin.

When choosing a lighting plan, we should always think about the room/space in question, think, and plan around the activities that you think will take place there. Try creating layers of lighting and illuminating the space by creating different levels. For example, some hanging light orbs would do nicely over a dining table, giving an illusion of higher ceilings.

Always choose from the energy efficient options that are readily available these days, so you can save money and create an environmentally friendly household. If you can invest in motion detecting technology, do so. No more worries about turning off lights when you’re done watching TV and also holding your sleeping little ones. A number of security cameras, like the Vivint camera line, also come equipped with lighting options for enhanced visibility, and any of the aforementioned lights can be employed, depending on the placement and the use of the camera in question. Life is becoming easier each day with all these new advancements, and homes are becoming smarter.

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