6 Tips for Finding Professional and Dependable Cleaning Service

Residential cleaning services could include any service as long as it encompasses your home. Knowing what you want is one part of getting them right. The other is knowing where to get them.

Not all services are the same. For instance, GDI Home Services excels in cleaning services, including pressure washing,  carpet, window, upholstery, and furnace cleaning. The company also provides specialized cleaning for COVID-19 and the unusually long allergy season.

Check out the following tips to land on the cleaning service for you.

Ask Around

Once you know which service to get, landing the right company should not be too hard. You will probably start your search by asking for referrals from family, friends, and other acquaintances. These are people you trust, so their word would surely triumph over anything you find on the internet.

Nevertheless, the internet is where you will go next to check out the referral or search for a professional cleaning service in Calgary. If the latter applies to you, we suggest checking out any unbiased feedback you can find to know the quality of service they provide, at what price, and so on.

Prioritize Experience

When searching for a company, always prioritize the breadth of experience over service. A company can provide every service you need. Still, you have no reason to take them at their word unless they have experience backing it.

You are better off with someone excelling at a handful of services rather than one with reviews as mixed as services. Such companies do the job without damage, bring you the desired result, and are less likely to be a scam.

Explore Guarantees

Most companies tout a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their websites or other media but fail to elaborate on the particulars. For one, anything involving humans comes with a possibility of error.

Thus, you should know beforehand how the company would react if their human error results in damaged or shattered components under your roof. You may think it fair to make amends if they are at fault, but they may not agree with you.

Whether or not their compensatory methods agree with you, know them before you sign up for the service.

A Bedroom with Nightstands, Hanging Lamps, Overhead Lights, and a Mattress Treated to Professional Cleaning Services

Check the Price Structure

Different companies charge for services differently. Some come up with quotes by estimated duration, others calculate the square footage, and others still consider the service requested.

There are other criteria for calculating quotes, but they do not account for any hidden charges the company might have, such as cancellation fees or extra fees for the type of residence. You may not be okay paying them after getting the service, so check for them before signing up.

Ask About the Staff

Some residential cleaning services have full- or part-time employees. In contrast, others hire contract workers to save on benefits, taxes, and whatnot. The latter may be affordable for the company and cost you less, but their training is not always up to the task.

Ensure a good first experience with a professional cleaning service by going for one that houses employees and does not outsource its services. Their services may cost more but are generally more reliable.

A Cat Sleeping on a Green Couch with an Orange Throw Pillow Requiring Upholstery Cleaning

Sign up for Customer Service

Digital marketing might have replaced most traditional marketing, but it has not replaced the importance of customer service. Customer service has the power to make or break small businesses and give larger ones the mixed reputation they often possess.

  • Measure your residential cleaning service by the level of customer service provided through:
  • Attitude
  • Accommodation
  • Transparency
  • Availability

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