7 Signs your Company Brochures Are Outdated

Brochures are a type of traditional and physical marketing campaigns. They use single or multi-fold documents or lamented paper of various shapes and sizes to promote special services, products, or other business or project related information. Although most people like to believe that the era of brochures is over and digital marketing has completely taken over, brochures are still not going anywhere.

If you want to market your products or services in a way that brings you business, then it’s essential to update your brochures. In this article, we will help you understand whether your brochures are up-to-date or if they require major redesigning. An experienced brochure designer can create a marketing brochure that reaps the most benefit. Look out for the 7 signs that show that your brochures need a quick upgrade. Let’s dive right in.

Not Tailored for the Target Audience

The biggest and most obvious sign of an outdated brochure is that its content is not tailored for the target audience. If you’re trying to sell something to a specific group of people, you must word and design it in a way that resonates with them.

For instance, if you’re targeting a younger audience, you should be highlighting all the online services that you offer. You should promote offers that are the most popular for that group. On the other hand, if you’re selling to an older audience, then your tone needs to be more formal. You would have to highlight a mixture of traditional and latest methods of reaching out to you.

Lack of Thoughtful or Targeted Messaging

Another prominent sign of outdated brochures is that they don’t present thoughtful or targeted messaging. Brochures are supposed to be brief and offer targeted information. If your brochure uses chunks of long and unorganized text, the chances of it being read are very low. Plus, a new person reading t would also be confused if the information isn’t presented structurally.

When getting your brochures designed by a specialist brochure designer, make sure you convey the main purpose and selling point of the document to them. This will allow the designer to highlight the most important pieces of information.

No Single Purpose or Message

The purpose of your brochure needs to be well defined so that the message doesn’t get lost to ambiguity. A brochure that doesn’t have a clear purpose and objective is often rendered useless. For instance, if you want to distribute brochures to get information about the launch of a certain product or service, then most of your content needs to focus and highlight that.

If the purpose is to share information, then most of the content should be focused on presenting it in a readable and easily understandable way. You need to be clear on the purpose of the document from the get-go, so it can be designed around that idea.

Inconsistency in Branding

If the branding of your brochure isn’t consistent with the branding of your overall marketing campaign, then it’s a clear sign that you need to update your brochure design. Your logos, taglines, product descriptions, and tone of the messaging need to be consistent with the overall brand identity of your company.

Not Highlighting the Product/Service Being Sold

Whatever service or product that you’re trying to sell with the help of the brochure needs to be at the top of the document or visibly highlighted. Any brochure that fails to present that main product well fails to achieve its goals.

Content Not Skimmable or Concise

Brochures aren’t books or reports; they are supposed to be brief documents that serve a single purpose shortly. Therefore, they must be designed in a way that makes them skimmable and concise. Make sure you add information to the point and not drag the content unnecessarily.

No Visuals (Charts, tables, infographics)

Visuals make a document highly readable and skimmable. Instead of writing chunks of texts, consider converting it into an infographic, table or chart form that takes the reader a short time to skim through and get the information that they need.

Final Thoughts

A good brochure design service has experts who understand what works and what doesn’t. If you’re evaluating your brochures, then look out for the aforementioned signs to see whether they need an upgrade.

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