A Brief Overview on Construction Safety and Roof Anchor Points

Those who perform construction work must be provided with fall protection equipment in order to save their lives. It is a risky profession where people are expected to work at heights and on delicate matters. This is why they must be provided with some kind of safety and protection in order for them to work without any hesitation. Roof anchor points are very important in order to provide fall protections. It is a harness connection point in construction sites that monitors and ensures the safety of every person in the working area.

Roof Anchor Points Hold the Roofs in Place

Other than this fall protection, it can also be used for short-term works such as maintenance of already existing buildings or structures. Jobs such as painting, chimney cleaning, solar panel installations, etc. can be easily done with the presence of roof anchor points. Even though they are usually neglected when it comes to quick and fast maintenance jobs, without the presence of any kind of fall protection might cause severe accidents.

There Are Different Types of Fall Protection Techniques Such As:

  1. Personal fall protection
  2. Using A Sling
  3. Using A Jamb Anchor

Designs and Mechanisms of Roof Anchor Points

There are two purposes of a roof anchor point, one is to design it as a fall arrest system and the other is to design it as a rope access system. In the first type of design, the mechanism is designed in such a way that the fall is arrested as soon as a person falls before coming in contact with anything or even reaching the lower level. The second design is for unconventional methods which allow the person to ascend, descend and traverse using ropes while being suspended at a height with the help of a harness.

What is the Most Important Feature of a Fall Protection System?

The most vital part of the fall protection system is the roof anchor points. They are usually installed on the roof and then connected to other tie-offs that prevent the person from falling down. There are certain roof anchors that can be complex whereas some that follow an extremely simple mechanism. Two types of roof anchor points are usually used for fall protection, the temporary fall protection, and the permanent fall protection.

Hiring workers for this dangerous job requires them to be provided with every type of safety system. A safe working environment will also ensure that the work is completed without any kind of fatalities or delays. Those who do not provide the workers with such safety systems are subjected to criminal liability.

Things to Consider While Selecting A Roof Anchor Point

  • There are certain important considerations that must be kept in mind while selecting anchor points on the roof.
  • The primary factor is to consider the amount of force that the anchor points will have to withstand. The second thing to consider is the lanyard with which the anchor points will be connected.
  •  Finally, the work that is going to take place will also determine the type of anchor point selections. Another minor factor to consider is to choose a part of the roof that will be able to hold the attached anchor points.

Since an entire life depends on this system, it is very important to source them from suppliers who provide good quality products. The roof anchor points must be of the best quality and abide by every kind of safety standard. It is mandatory to select the supplier very carefully after a proper survey and research. Suppliers and manufacturers who provide technical supports as well are trustworthy enough to be approached.

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