Boost Your Website Traffic Through Long Tail Keywords

A lot of companies build excellent websites with fancy features and graphics. But these features don’t seem to be driving their website traffic up. Since the shortcoming of low traffic is lower conversion and sales, this is a severe problem.

There are a lot of steps that need to be undertaken by a company to boost their website traffic. A digital marketing company in Pune names on a page and off page SEO as one the most vital ingredients for traffic.

The fundamental question here is what brings people to your website? How do they stumble on a web page of your brand? The answer is search engine algorithms.

Google, the world’s largest search engine has a bunch of highly intelligent algorithms that determine what websites should be shown to a user based on his query. The SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) is the final output delivered for the user query. It is from these SERPs that audiences are going to come to your website.

There are multiple ways to get your website on the SERPs, according to a digital marketing agency in Pune. But the building block for SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the same – KEYWORDS!

Keyword research and targeting are how you will be able to boost your website traffic. Before we go more in-depth on that, let us first understand what long tail keywords are.

Long tail keywords are phrases that are very specific to your products or services. An example of a long tail keyword could be “Price of iPhone X in India.”

A digital marketing service in Pune helps us in understanding the importance of long tail keywords. Let us look at the following points:

●    Best Way For SEO

SEO shows a lot of dependence on keywords. Keywords are how search engines match a query to a result for the user. Thus, using the right long tail keywords will shoot up your website’s SEO.

According to research received from a digital marketing company in Pune, 70% of searches are long tail keyword searches. Hence, if you target long tail keywords, then your website will begin to up rank on Google organically. The audience tends to click more on the links if they are higher up in the rankings.

●    Higher Conversion Rates

This point is not directly related to boosting traffic, but it is the end game for marketing! We all want more people to come to the website so that they buy our products and services. Google trends report that long tail keywords lead to direct sales.

Because long tail keywords denote that the customer has already the background research and is looking to buy. According to a digital marketing service in Pune, long tail keywords assist in higher conversion rates with fast results.

●    Aligns With Natural Language Patterns

In real life, we rarely speak in the way we search. For example, nobody says “LED TV lowest,” but you might say “what is the lowest priced LED TV model?”. Long tail keywords are aligned to the natural language patterns of human beings in the opinion of a digital marketing agency in Pune.

Therefore, when people search the way they speak, your website has higher chances of being on the top in the SERPs. This will give your website traffic a direct boost.

●    Perfect For Voice Search SEO

Long tail keywords as mentioned in the point above are aligned to our speaking patterns. So, if a user is searching through smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, then your website is going to feature in the results.

The future according to a digital marketing service in Pune is Voice-driven, therefore, use long tail keyword suggestions for hitting the right notes with this technology.

●    Best For Blogging

Long tail keywords can be incorporated into your business blogs. We all know blogs are a great way to attract more visitors, couple this with long tail keywords and you have optimized results.

Long tail keywords suggestions could also be turned into subjects for blogs. Take an example of “does mutual fund help in growing money?”. If you are an investment agency, this is an ideal topic for a blog, since people are already curious about it and are searching for it.

●    Automatically Assists With Short Keywords

Most keyword research tools or keyword generators will give you a list of short keywords and long tail keywords with the number of searches, the competition, and rates for PPC.

If you observe, said a digital marketing company in Pune, long tail keyword suggestions already contain the shorter keywords inside them. So, if you keep your focus on the long tail keywords, then you are also optimizing for the shorter without having to take any extra efforts.

Long tail keywords are a treasure trove which can aid you in your quest to boost traffic for your website. You can find these through many, freely available long tail keyword tools on the internet. Long tail keywords are the edge you need to get ahead of your competition.

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