What’s Better Than Putting Your Money In A Piggy Bank?

Let’s say you have a salary of $5000 and you spend around $4500 each month. In three months you have $1500 that you like to invest in something rather than keeping the money on your account or keeping the cash under the pillow.

It’s a smart move, of course, but you can’t decide what to invest in. Some people advise you one thing, and others think that is nonsense. One thing is for sure, investing is far better than keeping your money at home in a piggy bank. In this article, we’re going to talk a little about your investment options. Follow up and see what are your best options.

Investing in your house

If you think that such sum of $1500 is enough to invest it in something then your home is a good way to start. Every experienced investment agent will tell you that real estate is a great idea. Since you can’t buy a house with this kind of money, it’s smart to invest them in your own place.

For example, pay the gardening company to place some trees in the yard. Maybe, you can install candelabras and make it a real fairy tale yard. A pool in the backyard is a little more expensive but think about the option to save a little longer and then build it.

All this is a great way to make your home look better but more importantly, this is a way to invest in your house that will increase its value. After a few years and a couple of thousand dollars spent, you’ll end up with a fabulous yard, a swimming pool, and maybe some other features that will increase the value of it for more than $50.000. Sell it, buy a smaller house and go over it. Of course, after you go on a cruise around the globe.

Buying gold coins

Gold coins and gold bars are a great way to protect your money. Gold never goes out of fashion and you can be sure that the money you spend on buying gold coins will be money well spent. Why? Because no matter what you do and no matter what happens, you can be sure that gold will keep its price on the same level.

Even the price that we mentioned as an example is in line with it. 24-carat gold bullion is worth around $1500. You can find 1 oz gold coins for sale everywhere on the internet. Order from home and for their arrival. What great about gold investment is that you can only profit from it. Unlike other investments, there’s absolutely no risk in this one.


Cryptocurrencies are very popular lately. The most popular cryptocurrency is the original Bitcoin. The bitcoin is worth $4000. Since it first came out on the market, the bitcoin had little popularity and the price was way lower. Today, it’s one of the most desired currencies in the world even though no government in the world is not officially using it as their own.

The bad part is that bitcoins and the other internet currencies go up and down all the time. No one can predict their future. Half of the experts think that this is the future, and the other half are expecting it to burst like a balloon.

Buying shares

For those that like to play a little riskier, there’s the market and buying and selling shares. Brokers and agents around the world are constantly looking for people who will invest their money in the market.

If you like this game, good, but be careful where you put your money. Experienced brokers will try to convince you that some small companies will soon become large and their shares will be worth millions. However, it’s much smarter to invest in something more stable. Here’s a nice article on a little more risky investments.

For example, a share of FedEx is worth $175. Do you think that FedEx will ever be out of business? It’s likely that they’ll only have more work than before, meaning their shares will only go up. Of course, the risk is always here, but it’s much smaller than investing in unknown companies.

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