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There are different subclasses of visas that you must go through before you decide to apply for a particular subclass via an Immigration Agent Australia. These subclasses categorize the types of visas according to the needs of the individuals. Likewise, it is decided which pathway is to be followed while the application is made for a visa. Knowing your appropriate visa subclass is a must if you want a fast issuance of your visa. For this, you can contact the registered and licensed visa agents, who are experienced enough to help you regarding any difficulty you might face in this case. Let us learn about these pathways first so that we can have an idea about the cases in which visas are granted.

parent Visa Subclass 804

The Pathways

There are several pathways that can be followed while you apply for a visa. For students, the best way to get a visa is through the invited pathway. The invited pathway is for students whose candidature has been accepted by a recognized university in Australia. To be eligible for this category, the student has to follow these steps:

  • Have a great GRE score that immediately makes him/her a desirable candidate.
  • Have a good track record all-through at college so that the recommendation letter from the director that the student has to obtain later does not look out of place.
  • Write a good proposal of around 2500 words about the line of study he/she wants to pursue in Australia, and why he/she is choosing Australia specifically of all countries.

The best way to get a Visa Subclass 804 is through the subsequent entry pathway. In this pathway, an aged person can easily travel to Australia if he/she has a relative who resides in Australia and holds visas of one of the subclasses 475, 487, 489, 496 or 497. The chances of getting a visa increase if the relative is a blood relation, for instance, son or daughter. This would give the authorities the confidence they need regarding the safekeeping of the immigrant.

This is more or less like the visa for the immigrants who are aged less than 18 years. However, in case of the later, the paperwork is a bit different, and the individual has to fill out a form 157N that requires them to answer eight questions regarding their legal guardian in Australia. A checking is then done to verify the submitted data, and if all is fine, a visa is granted.

The extended stay pathway is another way to get a Parent Visa Australia, or, to be precise, to increase the tenure of stay in Australia. This is generally used by students who need more time to complete their studies. It must be noted that this extension is of maximum four years, starting on the day the visa is issued.

The Health Cover

The aged people have to pass a mandatory health check-up like all individuals. Further, they have to get a health cover that insures their health during their stay in Australia. In this regard, the relatives of the subsequent immigrant have to submit their details so that the safekeeping of the aged person can be guaranteed.

The Cost

The cost of most visas fall in the range of around AUD 3500, except for the visas that go through the extended stay pathway. This is obvious because these people have already paid for their visas once, and are just renewing it. Therefore, they have to pay a nominal fee of around AUD 350 to get their desirable extension on their visa.

Keep in Mind

There are certain things that you can keep in mind after you have filed your Parent Visa Subclass 804. The most important among them is the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) that helps you to track the status of your application at any point of time. This can help you immensely in planning the other things that you need for your journey.

Also, you should expect to pay a non-refundable fee during the submission of your application for. This is generally collected by Migration Agent Perth to meet the expenses such as health check-ups and other formalities that must be completed before you are granted your visa.

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