Environment friendly non-woven bags that provide multiple benefits, only from Zedpack

Pollution is amongst the major problems that the world is facing today. To curb the issue, it is important to take necessary steps. Zedpack, a packaging company in Delhi, manufactures non-woven bags that are eco-friendly.

Being 100 percent recyclable, these bags impact the environment in a positive manner. Zedpack’s non-woven shopping bags burn easily without the risk of toxic contaminants, unlike their plastic and paper counterparts. Since these are eco-friendly bags, their introduction in the market has reduced the number of bags being used considerably.

The other eco-friendly benefits of Zedpack’s non-woven bags are that they can be repurposed when they start wearing out. They can easily be used as rugs, etc.

Not just eco-friendly, bags from Zedpack also provide multiple other benefits.

Easy on the pocket

Be it for business or personal use, Zedpack’s non-woven bag range is economical for both. Less production cost and the fact that customers keep reusing them reduces the need to produce bags further. Moreover, they are an ideal medium for promoting and advertising brands.


Non-woven shopping bags are manufactured using polypropylene, which is a firm and durable material. These bags last up to 5 years and can carry heavy things. On the other hand, plastic and paper bags are weak and tear easily.

Zedpack is also a producer of laminated non-woven bags. Since these bags are more attractive, water-resistant and durable, they prove to be better in the longer run. The company’s bag range is also fire-resistant and can endure temperatures more than 130 degrees Celsius. PET bags start melting at around 90 degree Celsius.

Advertising medium

Compared to plastic bags, Zedpack’s non-woven bag range can be easily printed on. This makes them a better advertising tool. A company’s logo or motto printed on their carry bags makes the brand stand out. Furthermore, they can be used as tote bags to carry small things, and thus easily attract people’s attention.

Using plastic bags puts a business in the bad light. On the contrary, brands that use reusable non-woven bags are considered progressive and develop a stronger brand image.

Extra design features

With Zedpack, you can get the size, shape, color and pattern of your choice. Define the prototype that perfectly suits your brand, and the bag manufacturer will create it for you. Gloss, matte, laminate along with different handles and various other styles are available and can be tailored according to budget and requirements.

Zedpack is a one-stop shop for all your packaging and bagging needs. With a name that keeps environment above anything else, let your brand shine in the market.

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