How can Businesses give an astounding Calling Experience to Customers?

The thing that keeps both customers and companies connected is ‘Support service.’ Even, it is believed companies can enjoy customer loyalty as long as support requests are being handled in an appropriate manner.

Do you know which support channel experiences maximum footfall of customers?

Stop thinking as the answer is ‘Voice channel.’ Usually, customers place a call when they are in need of help because they want to experience the personal touch which cannot be expected from other available support platforms.

However, the major problem that comes out to haunt business owners is handling a throng of customer calls. This cannot be overlooked because if customer calls don’t get handled properly, the hassle of negative WOM is likely to take place.

That’s the main reason why most of the businesses join hands with call centres India so that customers always get the best calling experience.

But businesses can give an astounding calling experience to customers without taking external help. How? Let’s find out together:

By reducing the on-hold time

From the customers’ point of view, impeccable solutions should be delivered as soon as the call is connected to support agents. Sometimes, however, this isn’t possible as there is a high possibility that support agents require a time to wipe out intricate issues.

At this juncture, the only option left is putting customers on hold. The good news is that customers often don’t mind when they are requested to stay on-hold as all they demand is satisfactory resolutions. But it doesn’t mean that they can be left on hold for a long time as it can trigger bad reviews. In the worst scenarios, customers may decide to cut all the ties with your brand once for all.

In a nutshell, customers should be put on hold just for a couple of minutes. And it will be very beneficial if businesses reduce the on-hold time as it would uplift the CSAT score.

By securing the FCR rate

To deliver support experience like experienced call centres India, securing high FCR (first call resolution) is paramount. This will certainly help to strengthen the customer base and build good brand recognition.

Customarily, when customers place a call, they want the company to solve issues in such a way that ensures there will be no need to contact again. In simple words, they want issues get solved from the root.

However, businesses running an in-house call centre usually strive to handle maximum customer calls without thinking whether issues are being solved in a proper manner or not. Owing to this bad practice, they often deal with the hassle of a large number of repetitive calls. In addition, there are high chances that irate customers don’t let their friends, relatives, colleagues, and other loved ones connect with the brand. This isn’t good from the business’s point of view.

So, if you are operating a business and willing to give an astounding experience to your customers, securing high FCR rate is the key.

By monitoring recorded calls

It may come as a surprise to you that how better calling experience can be delivered by monitoring recorded customer calls. But believe us, this can really do the trick.

Let’s understand this in a better manner: Many times, customers describe such issues that take more than enough time to get solved, no matter how much your knowledge base is reliable. As we know every cloud has a silver lining, and that means issues always get solved regardless of their complexity levels.

At this juncture, if businesses monitor those calls that went for a long duration, they can gain better insight and solve intricate issues in a quick manner next time. This is good for the brand image as well as the customer base.

Feeling that handling customer calls isn’t as easy as you thought? There is no need to worry as you can avail customer support services from call centres India.

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Written by Alexis Powell

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