App Development: A Trend Transforming the Entertainment Industry

Earlier when you talked about entertainment, what was the first picture that came in mind? Well, it would most probably be of movies, thrill stories, news updates on television, and some series on YouTube maybe. However, entertainment today is not just limited to these subjects, which have ruled the market for a subsequently longer time. Today, we have a broader perspective where “Apps” have come upon as an emerging trend for the entertainment industry, where the user spends most of her/his time in not only watching entertaining stuff but even engaging in humorous apps to take services.

App Development Services are the most desired and asked for benefits in the market today. Every business wants its application to reach the audience as soon as possible. When we talk about business, it is not just the buying and selling approach of products, however, companies now work to give services that are entertaining to the customer and are the ones that can keep the user engaged for hours. Application development has brought a change in the way the entertainment industry used to work. Today numerous entertaining apps are ruling customers’ heart building a huge brand image for the business and becoming the best platform to earn.

Currently, the entertainment industry depends majorly on app development services, and there are numerous examples to learn from in the market. Therefore, we bring the entertainment app industry leaders from the market that have proved that online business is not just product based but has a wider perspective. Entertainment apps have become the basic need of the audience these days and here we bring some that are ruling the audiences’ heart:


Netflix, an entertainment app has boundless movies and humorous series for the user to enjoy watching. This app can be connected to any television and even gives HD views to the audience. When it comes to earnings, Netflix is the world’s 10th largest entity.

Book My Show

This is an Indian ticket-booking app used to book movies, concerts, and theatres. Not only this, but the app also keep its users updated about the latest upcoming movies, and shows to watch. It gives this information by checking out the location of its users. Book My Show is the best place to book online tickets, without being worried over the hassle to stand in long queues for tickets, as everybody did earlier.


This is a music service application where the users can hear different songs as per their preferences and even save them to listen when offline. Surfing this application, there are even options where you can browse your favorite lyrics according to its artist or genres. The best part about this app is that it allows users to save up to 3000 tracks offline, making it the best stop point for music lovers.


9GAG is based in Hong Kong and you can follow this app on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. as it also functions on all these platforms actively. Using 9GAG, you can upload funny videos, GIFs, and images. People today love GIFs and videos, and the app took this idea to become the most sought after entertainment app, achieving more than 10 million downloads on Google Play.

These examples suggest how custom app development services have grown in importance with time along with the reason how an innovatively built app can bring success to your business.

Advantages that applications and Information Technology bring to the media and entertainment field:

•    Timely delivery of information to the target audience.

•    Wide reach that is not possible without applications and other social media platforms.

•    Automated processes have made things easier as problems are solved easily and the customers’ can reach out to the business without any issue.

•    Huge customer-business media control.

•    Benefits on media content monetizing.

•    24X7 availability to customer.

•    Reduces expenses.

•    Apps help with easing daily tasks.

•    Keeps a track on trends and transforms accordingly for better business results.

•    Best platform for free flow of content.

•    Heightened user engagement and experience.

Future of app development services in the entertainment industry:

Mobile phones today are not just limited to making calls but are used for varied reasons. Mobile applications are solving our daily problems, which has raised a view that app development is important for every business nowadays. There is no denying the fact that businesses today cannot see themselves succeed without app development because it is an unbeatable industry. As we have discussed numerous facts that prove entertainment applications have a bright future, so businesses are keener to develop an application that can entertain and engage users. The accelerating graph of app development services shows that in near future this development process will rise to new levels. Nevertheless, with the introduction of IoT, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, etc. this meter is said to grow to new heights.

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