How to Choose the Best Shipping Crates Your Business?

If you run a shipping business, then you need to choose the best packaging materials for transporting your goods from one place to another. There is a variety of options available in the market to choose from. You can choose to opt for plastic, metal, or wooden shipping crates for your shipment. Plastic is a non-recyclable material, toxic and not considered good for the environment all around the world these days. Moreover, you cannot reuse plastic crates for years. On the other hand, metal shipping crates turn out to be an expensive option, and you cannot maintain the weight restrictions by opting for such heavy crates. So wooden crates are the best choice for your shipping business, and they are also eco-friendly, recyclable, reusable, sturdy, and lightweight.

Tips to Choose the Best Shipping Crates: 

There are multiple companies available that claim to provide the best crates but, you will find their crates not up-to-the-mark. But you need to choose the best crates for your business, and it is not an easy task, so you need to check some basic factors before you choose the best shipping crates.

  • In the lumber industries, treated means heat-treated, and this treatment process ensures that these crates are pest-repellent. You do not need to use any harmful chemicals on these shipping crates for pest-control treatment. Wooden crates made of treated wood do not get affected by any fungal infection and you can use such crates for international shipment.
  • You need to decide upon the size of the shipping crates you require before you choose because not all crate companies make all sizes of crates. If you need extremely small or large crates, then you must customize them. So, before you choose the crates, you can take a suggestion from the experts. They will measure your goods and suggest you the best shipping crates accordingly. There are some standard shipping crates available, but they come in limited sizes and shapes. So, you can contact the manufacturers and customize the same if required.
  • You also need to decide upon how you want to open your wooden cranes. There are some crates which can be opened from two sides and you can load or unload these crates by forklifts. But if you want to ship some fragile items then you need to choose the four-way crates. Metal shipping crates are designed with locks and you need to unlock such crates to load or unload. But you need to use a screwdriver or a crowbar for wooden crates.
  • You can save your labor and shipping costs by choosing wooden pallets. You can easily move such lightweight pallets from one place to another. Make sure, you choose the pallet-based shipping crates because they are lightweight and easier to move. Apart from this, you must also check the opening process of such crates. For example, if you want to ship chemicals or fragile items then you need to choose the crates which can be opened from the top, and you must lock all the sides including the bottom of these crates.
  • You should check the lumbar grade of these crates before choosing. Lumbar grades are given by the state authority after checking the number and size of the knots, cracks, and twist in the boards. If you are looking for some heavy-duty shipping crates, then you must verify this grade to determine their stability and durability.
  • Wooden crates are mostly made from plywood and you need to check the thickness of the plywood before you choose. Standard shipping crates are available with 1/4” thick plywood and these crates are not impact-resistant. So, you can choose the plywood with 3/8” thickness and you can use them to ship heavy items.

As stated above that wooden shipping crates are recyclable and eco-friendly, and you can reuse them many times. Even, you can make mulches, furniture, and garden tools with used crates. To choose the best wooden crates, you can search for the best suppliers online. Make sure, you check their license, wood-grade, certifications and compare the prices before you finalize.

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