Six Ways That Businesses Can Start Raising Money For Charity

Helping someone in need is part of what defines humanity. Giving back to society is one of the greatest things that you can get to do in this life. As a business or company owner, what have you done for charity? There are many ways through which you can accomplish this noble task. Here are our top five ways that your businesses can use to start raising money for charity;

Hosting an event

Hosting an event means that you will get paid for space and the services offered. Many companies and organizations are looking for spaces to hold their events. Simply notify them of the availability of your space and you can channel the finds towards charity.

Shopping from stores that support charity

There are incredible online stores that are doing an excellent job donating to charity. And you do not have to raise money for charity directly in this case. In fact, all you do is shop and they will take up the rest of the tasks. My Favourite Voucher Codes, for example, guarantees you discounts on your office and business needs purchases every time you shop? Moreover, they donate 20% of their commissions from the products to charity. If that is not a great way to raise money for charity, what else can you do for the needy people so effortlessly? Other sites include Savoo and Give While You Live.

Giving donations

There are many ways of going about giving donations. You can choose to set funds aside for the same purpose during budgeting or try other methods. It can be anything from hosting a donation event to hosting and or sponsoring competitions for charity. The best thing about donations is that they can vary in form; monetary, machinery, clothing, food, etc. So the way you give really is up to you.

Holding a fundraising event

Simply hold fundraising events for charity, invite your friends and family to the event and pull your resources together. Additionally, you can involve some leaders in the government, religious organizations, non-governmental organizations, artists, the young and the old. Diversity will help you to achieve if not exceed the set goal, which is to get people investing in, supporting and spending at your event! Here are a few other fundraising ideas:

  • Fun Runs: Hosting a fun run is a great way to get your employees team building while raising money for charity!
  • Charity Walks: Kit your staff out with walking gear and sponsor them on a charity walk. You can make use of Blacks voucher codes to save on equipment!
  • Cake Sales: Get everyone in the office to bring in some home baked goodies and put them on sale! Now that is a yummy way to raise!

A charity auction

There are a lot of things that people have in their homes and offices that they do not need. All you have to do is share information on the auction and the purposes for which it is meant. At the auction, the prices will be affordable and you will be able to raise money for charity. You can opt to auction stuff you do not need at the office and/or ask your employees to bring things they no longer need and use. The combined resources earned will go a long way in helping to make lives better while also boosting your company’s moral identity.

Supporting your favourite Charity

Already have a favourite charity? Keep supporting them in the small and big ways that you are. Sometimes these charity organizations also just need your presence and your time. Keep shopping, holding events, donating and doing what it is you do best for them. Giving to a charity regularly is a great way to get some positive PR around your business. In fact, it could even lead to a return on investment. It really is a win win situation. You can boost E-Commerce sales in a range of different ways, but this is probably the most moal and ethical ways to do so.

Overall there are so many different ways that your business can start giving money to charity. So make sure that you consider the options laid out here, and even get creative and think of a few of your own too! May your next business venture be your most charitable one yet!

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Written by Penny Nelson

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