Boost Your E-Commerce Sales with These Proven Techniques

When you decided to start your own e-commerce business, you probably did a lot of research and realized that it is quite a competitive field. There are probably a lot of companies similar to yours out there and in order to attract buyers, you have to stand out. To help you do just that, we came up with a list of techniques that are sure to drive your sales forward. Take a look.

Make your website top-notch

Seeing as how your website is crucial for the proper functioning of your e-commerce business, you have to make sure it is of the highest quality. If a potential customer opens your website and they cannot find what they need with ease, they are quite likely to find someplace else where they can get the product. In addition to having a badly organized layout, any sort of lags, delays and crashes are going to make your company look amateurish. This is why you have to put a lot of thought into the design and upkeep of your site.

Allow purchases without having to register

Besides having a laggy website, having to register in order to purchase an item is also a common cause of shopping cart abandonment. You should give the people a chance to register and offer an incentive if they do, for example, a small discount for the next purchase. But, you should not force them to do so as that often turns people away. Sometimes, they just do not have the time for the whole registering process and will look elsewhere for what they need.

Show customers that you are trustworthy

If you want your customers to take you seriously and feel safe while making a purchase, they need to know that your business is not a scam. That is why you could benefit from posting testimonials on your website. While it is possible that some comments will be negative, if you have a good product and service, there is nothing you should worry about. Furthermore, in addition to customer reviews, safety badges can also help boost your sales.

Increase your physical presence

Turning to some old-school marketing techniques can also help establish your credibility. Seeing as how you only exist online, it is not uncommon for people to think that your organization is sketchy. That is why having a physical presence can be vital for spreading the word about your business and its quality. For example, you can invest in an eye-catching promo stand, flyers and billboards as having ads around town can bring you more clients. Moreover, when someone orders an item from your website, you can give them a tote bag or some other useful promotional item that includes your company name and website as a gift which will serve as a walking ad.

Reconsider your return policy

Another way to show that you can be trusted is to come up with a lenient return policy. Plenty of customers decide against a purchase if they think they will not get a full refund in case the product is not what they expected. By offering this option, people might be more likely to buy from you.

Be straightforward when it comes to prices

Some companies try to deceive people by making their prices seem lower by not mentioning various fees, taxes and shipping costs straight away. Once all that is added, the price is suddenly unexpectedly high and customers simply give up on the purchase. To avoid this scenario, make sure to be transparent about your prices.

Consider upselling and cross-selling

In addition to attracting new customers, you can also encourage your regulars to spend more. You can do this by upselling. For example, offering them a better version of the product they are looking at can make them realize that for a small difference in price they can have a product of much higher quality. On the other hand, cross-selling involves offering your customers related items. For instance, if they buy a new keyboard, you can suggest a new mouse or speakers.

Create a sense of urgency

By offering special discounts for a limited amount of time, you can create a sense of urgency among your clients. This fear of missing out might even make them purchase something they don’t actually need.

These eight techniques are bound to increase your e-commerce sales. By implementing them, your business is going to flourish in no time. Good luck!

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Written by Mike Parsons

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