Online classes are more effective than face-to-face classes

Nowadays, more and more people start to study online. It becomes quite affordable and usual. An increasing number of European and American studies have confirmed the fact that online learning is much more effective than conventional methods of education. Using audio and visual components along with interactive exercises and role-playing games, students retain information faster and better. This type of education is very convenient for busy people and more relevant now. The purpose of this paper is to know the reasons of the introduction of online learning into everyday life.

Nowadays, online classes become very popular. In the next 5 years, it is estimated that nearly 90 percent of universities will offer online classes. The popularity of this form of learning is characterized by several factors. When a student chooses a short-term training program to improve the skills, he/she needs to be in the classroom with a strict schedule, which is inconvenient. Online teaching does not have such problems. Any student determines the schedule and communicates with teachers using the Internet and e-mails.

Online education is available to everyone regardless of his or her age or state of health. Accessibility and openness of training allows modern specialists to study almost all the time, combining studies with their main activity. A student can independently plan the time, place of classes, and customize online training under his/her employment. A lesson can be recorded on a computer. Since training is conducted online, it is possible to study anywhere in the world. Difficulty of learning depends on several factors: a student and a level and quality of existing knowledge. The more knowledge a student already has, the easier it will be to give new material. Online training program is selected for each person individually, which makes it possible to shorten the training period.

There are many advantages in online classes compared to face-to-face classes. Considerable time saving is an undisputable advantage of online learning. There is no need to spend time on the road and visit face-to-face lectures. In some cases due to the use of multimedia (photos, video, and audio) and methods that make such training more interesting, it becomes possible to increase the digestibility of the submitted materials. There is another advantage of online classes. Each student chooses the pace of classes combining work and study. For many people, only this variant of education is possible, as people with disabilities can also take online learning.

However, one of the main disadvantages is the total dependence on the Internet. Students taking online classes must have access to a dependable computer and the Internet connection in order to have maximum benefit. Subsequently, to access a website of the university, all students have a personal page. On this page, there are tasks necessary to complete, the results of the implementation of the recommendations and the teaching staff. A student passes completed tasks by e-mail. On the site, students can also find all the necessary books, and lectures for the lessons. Typically, this type of the training system is suitable for those who wish to have another higher education, requalification, or increase the level of professional knowledge. For people, who do not have enough free time to attend classes in the audience, it will be especially useful. Virtual learning opportunities are more extensive than ever before.

The main value of the usage of learning systems is to increase access to education. The pace of development of modern society leads to the fact that a person has to receive knowledge practically throughout his/her life. Knowledge that people get in the early period of life at school, university and other educational institutions subsequently becomes inadequate. On the other hand, considerable amount of professional information quickly becomes outdated. Therefore, this knowledge must be constantly updated. In such a way, online lessons are a good opportunity for people to improve their knowledge and skills at any age.

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