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The Importance Of WiFi In High Schools and Colleges

School, whether it be High School or College, is meant to prepare young minds for the real world. In today’s society, what is more real than Wifi? We use it for everything in today’s time. We send emails. We use it to call and to send text messages. We can see live videos from across the world, or get real time information no matter where we are. The uses for Wi-Fi in the real world, or adult world, are endless and more are being found every day. So, if a schools main purpose is to prepare it’s students for the real world, Wi-Fi is a necessity. Not only will Wi-Fi prepare students for the real world, but it will improve how the teachers can manage their time so they can spend more time actually teaching their students and to help improve our environment so that future generations can use Wifi in a cleaner world. For our society to advance as a whole, we must support the use of Wifi in every level of school.

High School students are always told by their teachers that they are being prepared for the real world. I believe the most efficient way to do that is through Wifi. Like I stated earlier, we use Wifi for everything. So, it makes since that we should teach students how to use it efficiently. We can teach them to search any subject and find any amount of information in seconds, or teach them to communicate with others through it and develop teamwork skills needed in the workforce. Students can also turn in work immediately and, depending on the subject, instantaneously find results and learn from their mistakes. Wifi not only helps the students directly, but it can indirectly help them through their teachers. When teachers have access to Wifi along with their students, they can spend more time actually teaching rather than grading papers or printing off lesson plans. They can now send out their lesson plans to their students instantly, and can run papers through spell check systems and plagiarism checkers. This new virtual homework system also reduces the chances of teachers losing their students’ work. With all of this cutting back on paper, Wifi in schools would drastically improve the future environment. With Wifi in high schools, we not only improve the quality of the education, but we improve the quality of the entire ecosystem we all live in.

For college students, many know how to use Wifi for school purposes. But the idea of college is to prepare a student to perform a certain task in society. With society advancing more and more in technologically, these students need to be taught how to apply it to their field of study, and every field of study has a use for Wifi. In the engineering field, Wifi allows them to have real time data sent to them from anywhere in the world that will let them make changes on the fly to improve a machine or project they are currently working on. In the medical field, doctors and nurses can receive instant updates about their patients that allow them to make decisions faster than ever possible. In this field it could mean the difference between life and death. In sports, world athletes can now analyze every part of their game. In anything from the mechanics of their games, to work outs or nutrition, Wifi is helping make the most advanced generation of athletes the world has ever seen. Any field of study you can imagine needs Wifi to keep up with modern times. With these new advances through Wifi, college students are helping shape the new generation of workers who will work smarter than ever before, according to Router Instructions website. Wifi has become a necessity of everyday life and it is time that all school systems learn this lesson. One day society will look back and think of Wifi much like people today think of the assembly line, cars, steam engine, or any other invention that accelerated the human race . Wifi is the newest invention that will propel our generation forward and it is only right that we equip our young minds with the necessary knowledge to use it and apply it. The advantage of Wifi over other inventions is that the youth do not have to wait and grow up to use it. It is readily available in the palm of their hand. The use of Wifi in schools will bring about the greatest innovations the world has ever seen.

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Written by Michael Corton

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