What Is The Importance Of The Internet In Education At Schools?

Education is the basic foundation for every individual and it’s considered very important in everyone’s life. The Internet is something which changed the world and the individual thought process. With the use of technological devices internet is used and helped every individual to make their work easily quickly and efficiently. In past days there were no such sources which made our life easy and qualitative one. More than 80%of schools and colleges are digitalized with the use of internet and technological devices. We can see the changes and developments brought by technology and then the internet in every field. If we are solely talking about education its effective is deep and qualitative one. It really changed the quality of education and also helped to build a modern responsible citizen for society. In schools and colleges now educators use computers to present their ideas. In past teacher had only materials and textbooks through which they thought students and now there are different ways and techniques to teach. The development of technology and the internet helped to raise the standard of education and quality of education. It’s really fast and quick in finding the question and answer.

Made learning and teaching process interesting

It’s very hard for a teacher to attract students mind towards learning for more than 30minutes. It’s natural that they will feel bored and tired in the class while listening to teachers lecturing. So it was really hard for teachers. But after the influence of the internet in educational process teaching and learning become more interesting and attractive one. The teacher can include technology-based interactive session which made students active and helped to bring teacher and students more closely in the discussion. The teacher can show some video clips and some images while taking the class which will be connected to the subject and concept. This will attract students mind and will make them enthusiastic in the learning process.

Basic skills in technology

As we know we are living in a technological era and the impact of technology can be seen in every field. So our future generation must be perfect and thorough in operating technological devices and internet if they are not skilled in it they will not be able to lead a successful professional life because computers are used I every aspect of life. Computer and technologies are leading in every field so they must know to operate. It so in educational institutions technological devices are used and operated it will make students perfect in that skill and in future they can operate and can do work in that technological device. So it’s preparing students for future life.

Creative skills are encouraged

The teacher can create their own class blog and we know in every classroom teachers are using technological devices and by creating their own class blogs teacher direct students to post their creative writings. In olden days teachers used to collect it in a paper and made it books. But in this technological era teacher need not go that far teacher can ask students to post it from their home and the teacher can encourage other students to do it. Creative writing includes paintings drawings writing poems stories fabric work pictures graphic designing fashion related concepts everything must be included in that blog. And the teacher must be like an inspiration every one must put their own comments on their creative subjects. In this way, a teacher can encourage their other activities. Education is not only about studies and books they are more than that. Teacher gets a chance to know all the personal abilities of the students. By selecting the best work teacher can gift something for that child like an inspiration for others so it will be a positive impact on their studies.


It’s an important aspect of life, confidence. If a student is not confident in his work then it will affect their studies and academicals performance, the internet helps students to fill confidence in their character. When they get some classwork or project seminar they will be tensed how to complete it where they will get information’s related to it. So it will bring sleepless night for them. But in this modern technological era, they can be stress-free because by their single touch they get all kind of information’s related to their class work. They can read it as their reference and can confidently submit to the teacher.

Technology has brought a drastic change in the educational field. Now it has become an integral part of the educational institution. More than 90% of schools are digitalized and teacher uses technological devices to present they are topic which has a positive impact on students. Technology helps schools and educational institutions to enhance the quality of education and made the learning-teaching process more effective and efficient.

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Written by Jessie O. Smith

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