5 Marketing Strategy for Hotel Booking Software to Stand out in The Crowd

The hotel industry is very competitive and to stand out in the market, it is extremely important to have a proper marketing strategy to dive deeper into the market. To increase productivity and sales, hotel industry is merging-up with travel industry and this collaboration has standardized the traveling phenomenon. Having an online platform eases out the process to achieve the desired goal and hoteliers are going digitalized, whether by having their own hotel booking software or by tying up with online travel agencies. When you talk about publicizing your services to attract your potential customer, you must have to understand, how technology plays a vital role to emphasize your business.

Here, we will discuss about five effective marketing strategies to promote your business and attract your probable consumer.

An appealing website and mobile app is a ruling trend

I don’t need to glorify how website and mobile apps are currently ruling every sector of human life. Now, every industry is considering a website along with an app to reach into the market. Today’s customers are interested to search their required product and services online and buy it through an online platform. So, it is very important to get a device friendly website and mobile app. You must have heard about ‘love at first sight’, a website plays the same role here. If you have an appealing website with dynamic features integrated strategically, so that the user can get whatever he is looking for easily, he will come back to you every time he needs to make a booking. With Hotel XML API integration, a hotelier can deliver his services without any hassle. Online travel agencies are considering hotel API for their booking engine to maximize hotel inventory sales.

Tie up with online travel agencies and consider GDS

Think from the perspectives of the customer. When the customer receives the whole travel package under one roof, why will he come to your site? Definitely, he will make the whole booking which is consisted of transport and accommodation facility. Many big hotels are now merging with online travel agencies to increase their sales as these platforms give them the opportunity to reach a huge population. OTAs work as a distribution channel that provides hotel facilities to the customers and asks for a minimum commission from hoteliers.

Apart from that, the presence of Global Distribution Channel will ensure your hotel is available for the OTAs, as GDS has an enormous reach and potentially gives you access to customers globally.

Practice SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an effective tool to promote your business through search engines. Having a tight hold on popular search engines ensure you reach the vast majority of population who are currently looking for the service you are providing. By optimizing your website with keywords and other SEO tactics, you can boost the visibility of your services on Google and other such search engines.

Utilize the power of social media

Nowadays, social networking sites are playing a vital role to connect the world. More than half of the population is connecting themselves through such sites and so you shouldn’t underestimate the power of social media as it has the capability to touch each and every human existed in social media.

Content marketing

Blogs and articles are regarded as one of the best options to reach the probable customers. Posting the blogs and articles that describes your services using keywords can be very beneficial. You can post your blogs in various sites to promote your business. Quora is another important platform to be considered.

It is most important that you differentiate your work, optimize your website for maximum search engine visibility, presence on GDS and OTAs and utilize social media platform to attract your customers. You will be benefitted and outreach broader market, if you consider these fundamental features to amplify your hotel business.

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Written by Aayushi Pradhan

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