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Recently, most of the Thai shipwreck accidents were Chinese. When people go out to travel, they must pay attention to safety. I hope that everyone will be safe and secure. What should I pay attention to when I go to Phuket?

Phuket’s sea water is very clear, super recommended, very beautiful island, the sea breeze is very comfortable. However, many people are still very common because of natural disasters here, and there is a strong outer line. They will instantly turn you into an African boy or a young African aunt, so many people are not willing to come here, although the scenery attracts a lot of foreigners. Visitors, friends who go to Boutique Resort Phuket must know some precautions and some preparations before the trip. Otherwise, it will not only be sunburn, but also an accident. Usually, the all-inclusive cost of 7 days and 5 nights is about 3,500 yuan. . But before you go, don’t think that you are a group of newspapers. You are only responsible for eating, drinking, and playing. In fact, after each event, you will want to prepare more preparations before departure, to avoid unnecessary expenses and troubles. .

Thailand’s Phuket is a tropical tourist destination. It is a tourist scenic spot very close to the equator. It is located all year round in summer, with an average temperature of 30 degrees. From May to October every year, this time is caused by the rainy season and occasional typhoons. The section is a low season for tourism. The temperature here will be slightly lower from November to April every year, but it will not be lower than 20 degrees, and the rainfall will be much less. This period is the peak season for tourism.

If you go at the beginning of June, it will inevitably have such a rainy weather, but you don’t have to be afraid. This rain is not the same as the rain in our mainland. This rain is going down, but for a while, maybe this second is still a storm. The next second is a sunny day, so be sure to be alert to the storm, every day will be a little lower, but if you go this season, basically will not affect your travel, so be sure to prepare an umbrella before going, of course Sun protection.

So What do you Need to Prepare Before You Go?

1. Umbrella (can be used to stop rain and sun protection)

2. Sunscreen (the island’s ultraviolet super strong, must buy that kind of sunscreen 50 times, if you do not do well, you may be black even your mom Don’t know)

3. Money (1. Go to Thailand, the entry requirement must be at least 4000 RMB 2. You can also change to Thai baht. If you have enough time, you can make an appointment to the four major banks in China one day in advance to exchange baht. The general exchange rate is At around 1:5. If there is no time to change, you can go to the airport to change, but the airport exchange is not very cost-effective, generally can give 4.6 is very good. Of course you can also go to the tour guide to change. You can also go directly to Thailand There is a Union Pay logo ATM machine to cash in, but this is to deduct the handling fee, a pen of more than 20 yuan, it is not worthwhile to take less. You can also go to the small shops in Thailand to change, now go there to play Basically, they are all Chinese. They are also willing to accept RMB. If they change, they are basically 4.8)

4. Toiletries (Thai hotels basically do not prepare toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, etc.)

5. Sunglasses, slippers, SLR, wet wipes, pens (this is for the purpose of filling in the immigration card, if it is not found at the time) Trouble), swimsuit, swimming trunks, sun hat, beach umbrella beach skirt (Ms. can prepare two sets for photography, haha).

6. Phone card (you can buy a phone card on Taobao, which contains 7-8 days of talk time and traffic, and it is not expensive for more than 20 yuan. If you have time, you can buy it, just say you have to go to the airport. Take it. Then when you plug in and receive a text message in Thailand, you can use it very easily. The signal is OK.)

7. Phone waterproof bag (I think this is still more important. Going to Thailand will definitely play with water. If you play with the group, you can use the Songkran Festival, go out to sea, snorkel, etc., so you can buy a good one online in advance. There is also the best to bring a long-sleeved dress, especially the plane at night, the air conditioning at the airport is very cold. The final emphasis is that if you encounter natural disasters, you must protect yourself.

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